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Vulvar Cancer – Symptoms and Treatment


The tumour which is also known as cancer takes place when unnatural cells tend to multiply uncontrollably. Cancer tends to expand throughout the body at a very fast speed. According to Kanury Rao tumour can be traced by some testing as the indication and its cure is wholly depends on the kind and location of cancer in the body. However, as cancer spread throughout the body so it not only affects the male organs but female organs also and vulvar cancer is one of them.

Who is Kanury Rao? What is his contribution to the field of Science?

The cancer of the vulva which is also known as external genitals of females is known as Vulvar cancer. It affects the part of the vagina that is internal and external lips, introitus, and the clitoris as well. Generally, the external part of the vagina gets affected but as soon as cancer develops or expands affects the remaining part of the vulva as well. The evolution of this kind of cancer is very slow. Initially, it starts as intraepithelial neoplasia that takes place when a natural cell of the skin all over the vulva goes through unnatural changes. This can lead to turning into a tumour if not treated or cure at the right time.

Symptoms or indications of Vulvar Cancer

Earlier we have discussed that this kind of cancer does not show any indications, especially at the earlier stage. But when the indications take place, they include the following:

  • Unnatural bleeding
  • Irritation in the location of vulvar
  • Unnatural colour or patches on the skin
  • Urine pain
  • Females go through with warmth and pain all over the area of vulvar
  • A chunk forms on the vulva.

It’s high time to consult a doctor if you are going through any of the indications mentioned above. However, the prevention of cancer is possible if you consult a doctor at the earliest otherwise it will go on another level and can become more painful.

How to identify vulvar cancer?

The diagnosis of vulvar cancer can only be perform by doctors. They find out about cancer by performing various physical exams of the vulva. For the diagnosis, the medical history of the patient is very important as doctors consider the same and may ask questions related to their lifestyle, medications, and many others. Generally, doctors suggest doing a biopsy of cancer patients. The biopsy can be perform by captivating a few samples of tissue cells for the evaluation of vulva areas. Before going through all the process of diagnosis, doctors inject a type of medication into the patient’s body that makes the area numb so that patients don’t suffer from pain. In case the result is cancer then the doctor will immediately connect you to the gynaecologic oncologist. They are expertise in vulvar cancer. They will consider the result of the biopsy and then refer you to some tests according to it to know the stage.

Stages of vulvar cancer

Stage plays a very important role in all kinds of cancers as they provide the results about the seriousness of all kinds of cancer. Based on stage reports, doctors can plan efficient treatment for the patients. The major factor that doctors consider regarding the stage is the area of cancer, expansion of cancer to lymph nodes as well as the height of that tumour.

The stages are as follows:

  • 0 stage: This is the initial stage of vulvar cancer that constrains the covering of vulva skin.
  • 1st stage: This disturbs the perineum or vulva. In this stage, cancer has not expanded to lymph nodes or the remaining parts of the body.
  • 2nd stage: Cancer has spread to the bottom part of the urethra, anus as well as vagina.
  • 3rd stage: This time cancer has expanded to lymph nodes.
  • 4A stage: This affects the top part of the vagina or urethra and has disturbed lymph nodes as well.
  • 4B stage: This is the last stage and is very sensitive as well. This time tumour has expanded to the remaining organs.

Doctors suggest the following test to know the stage of cancer:

  • Pelvic Examination: This test is to detect the effective area more closely.
  • CT Scan: From a CT Scan doctors will be able to know about the extended lymph nodes in the genitals area.
  • MRI: Doctors prescribe MRI tests find out pelvic cancer or that cancer has taken place in the spinal cord or brain.
  • Cystoscopy: The test proctoscopy or cystoscopy, both assist doctors by deciding if the tumour has expanded to the bladder of the body or not.

Treatment of Vulvar Cancer:

Following four kinds of medications can treat vulvar cancer:

  • Laser Therapy: This therapy is used to kill tumour cells present in the body by providing high pitch light. The high pitch light comes through a thin tube that is known as endoscopy. Many doctors prescribe endoscopy as not only do they aim and finish off the tumour present in the body but also less painful than any other treatment of vulvar cancer. This therapy is for short time. Cancer patients can go through any time they consider it necessary.
  • Surgery: Most doctors prescribe Surgery treatment to cancer patients. For Vulvar cancer treatment there are different kinds of surgeries. However, patients cannot opt for surgery on their own. Doctors will consider the stage first then only he can prescribe for surgery.
  • Local Excision: The Local Excision is best for those cancer patients whose organs are not affected and cancer has not expanded to lymph nodes. By this procedure, not only the affected area will be removed but also a little portion of the usual tissue nearby the affected area. The lymph nodes can also be eliminated if consider necessary.
  • Vulvectomy: This is another option for surgery. In This surgery, two things can take place. The one is either the surgeon will eliminate the whole vulva throughout a radical vulvectomy or the other option is to eliminate the small part of partial vulvectomy.

It is highly recommended by the Kanury Rao, not to avoid continued check-ups after the complete treatment. Always ensure whether your body parts are healing or you feeling better or not.

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