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How Mobile App Development Companies Enhances Business Functionalities With Ai

Business Functionalities With Ai

Mobile apps have advanced dramatically over the last decade. We used to have simple apps that did simple tasks, but with the introduction of smartphones, the world witnessed a revolution that made life easier. And the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in mobile apps is no exception.

Tech enthusiasts have been anticipating the astounding transformation that will occur with the advent of AI. as a result, the role of AI in for developing mobile app services has become a hot topic in the scientific community for the development industry. 

AI in mobile development is rapidly evolving. App developers are being dedicated just for Android services and are incorporating AI to improve users’ lives by making things easier. This disruptive technology us no longer restricted to laboratories. It is now used in navigation systems and camera-based security features in our daily lives. As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes the hottest trend in the tech world, countless organisations are seizing this opportunity. 

Let’s delve a little deeper and explore what’s hot in the industry at the moment and how businesses are retaining their customers. 

How Is Ai Enhancing The User Experience In Mobile App Development?

Because the world is becoming more “on-demand”, for more personalized experience is increasing at a faster rate. A reputable and renowned mobile app development company leverages this and believes that AI in app development is becoming more essential than before. 

Let’s understand which areas in mobile it is being incorporated for making the simple experience better than before. 

Search Engine Optimization

The application of SEO voice search and commands is probably the most significant and acclaimed evolution of AI in mobile app development. Individuals can use their voices to search for things instead of typing with the help of a smart device’s virtual assistant.

 For instance, you could ask the device’s virtual assistant, “What’s the nearest food joint?” Individuals can easily obtain quick responses. They can easily locate and reach their desired location using their device’s internet connection and GPS. AI is nothing short of a revolution in mobile app development.

Smartphone Camera Enhancements

One of the best areas where the iOS and Android AI development teams are focusing their efforts is on improving smartphone camera quality with high-end AI-based mobile apps to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Individuals can use these AI-powered high-end cameras to-

  • Keep the subject in the frame and make adjustments as needed.
  • use electronic image stabilization (EIS) to record videos, or
  • They can make payments by scanning the QR code with their banking apps.

Facial Recognition Systems

Congratulations to Apple’s iPhone X; facial recognition to unlock devices has proven to be a game-changer in the field of AI for mobile app development. With it, Android smartphones have joined the party to provide the same to their users.

Writing down your passcode or drawing patterns to unlock your device is no longer necessary. The Android AI development team made unlocking the device easier using the power of AI and ML. Individuals can use facial recognition to unlock their phones smoothly and quickly, while also adding security.

Language Translation in Real-Time

There are numerous translation apps available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The issue arises when they need to connect to the internet in order to translate a language. This is where artificial intelligence in mobile app development shines.

Smartphones can easily translate various languages without connecting to the internet by incorporating AI and machine learning right within the app. AI for mobile app development has undoubtedly made people’s lives easier, and they can now translate multiple languages with ease.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of AI for mobile app development that can assist businesses in engaging users.


Chatbots Powered by AI

Chatbots are just one of the many applications in mobile apps. They respond 10 times faster than humans, assisting in the restructuring of overall customer services. 

With AI-powered chatbots, you can assist your users at every stage of the purchase cycle, thereby improving the overall user experience. As a result, AI in mobile app development benefits businesses of all sizes. 

According to reports, over 35% of businesses rely on chatbots for customer service. It has restructured and reshaped the long-established meaning of 24/7 services, leading to enterprises seeking AI in mobile app development projects to produce fruitful results.

Developing Safe Mobile Applications

AI-powered facial and biometric technology is reshaping the world, from facial recognition to fingerprint authentication. It is highly capable of analyzing human physical characteristics. This is yet another excellent application of AI in mobile app development for Android projects that you should consider for your company. 

Face recognition and biometrics have become indispensable in an individual’s life, from security to marketing. You want your apps in the financial industry to be highly secure for your users. 

AI is not an optional feature anymore, but it is rather a requirement in today’s world. Integrating AI will help you gain the trust of your customers by providing full-fledged security. 

Increasing Customer Retention

Machine learning is the scene today, from analysing and tracking users’ behaviour patterns to effectively automating tasks. In this fast-paced world, incorporating machine learning into your next AI-based mobile app development project is critical. Businesses can recommend products to their customers with exciting offers tailored to them by incorporating machine learning and AI into mobile app development projects. The AI algorithm searches the user’s search history and previous purchases to provide them with the best possible offers.

Whether you plan to launch an on-demand app or an eCommerce app, incorporating and implementing machine learning in your AI mobile app development project is critical to attracting more customers and increasing profits.

Error and Security Breach Reduction

Businesses can drastically reduce errors by incorporating AI services. It speeds up the process and reduces errors, but if personally trained, it can assist businesses with heavier tasks. Again, incorporating AI into your mobile app development project can help you combat cybersecurity threats. Take, for example, security breaches. When you hire Android developers they must attend several security training sessions in order to identify and label threats, and sometimes even fail in tracking them down.

Businesses that incorporate machine learning and AI into mobile app development projects using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology can eliminate mundane and time-consuming tasks. It speeds up the process and reduces errors, but if properly trained, it can assist businesses with heavier tasks.

Wrapping Up

The use of AI in mobile app development has enabled organisations to provide excellent, secure, and seamless user experiences. It is the sole reason why leading corporations have embraced AI technology to improve their mobile presence.

It’s past time to incorporate cutting-edge AI technology into your mobile app development project to improve user experience and gain potential customers to drive profits. To secure their iOS and Android AI development services, all you need to do is contact the best mobile app development company.

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