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LED Light therapy Melbourne Can be Your Ultimate Solution for Skin

LED Light therapy Melbourne

Led Light Therapy Melbourne is gaining popularity every passing day as more and more people start to acknowledge its advantages.

The thing is as the pollution is rising high, and people are forgetting to eat healthy every day. Healthy eating habits are getting rare among people and almost every youngster prefers spicy and tasty fast food over a vegetable salad. You might be thinking about the context here or what it has to do with LED Light therapy Melbourne. Then let us throw some light on it.

Everything that you read above has everything to do with your skin. Your skin absorbs the nutrients from what you eat and that affects your skin colour, texture and other elements.

LED Light therapy Melbourne treats several skin issues one might be facing because of the above reasons.

LED Light therapy Melbourne is considered to be a safe treatment to address several skin issues. Every different light that gets emitted has a different wavelength and treats different aspects. A diode is used to emit these wavelengths.

There are different types of light codes that treat various issues.

  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Yellow
  5. Violate
  6. Orange
  7. Cyan
  8. Infrared

LED Lights and Their Uses


Red light:

Red light in LED Light therapy Melbourne majorly improves collagen production and combats resulting in a smoother texture. Collagen is an essential protein that helps the damaged skin tissues and replaces them by producing newer ones. Red LED light also withdraws large, open and clogged pores.

Red colour wavelength prevents the signs of ageing. The average wavelength of red is between 650-730 nm.

Blue light: 

Blue light specifically prevents and treats acne. It also works better to treat inflammatory issues and hyper-sensitive skin. Blue acts like a calming and cold wavelength. It diminishes acne-causing bacteria without causing damage to the skin cells.

The ideal wavelength of blue light varies between 430-450 nm.

Green Light:

Green light helps to balance pigmentation. It can lighten the scars, heal the wound speedily. Also helps to reduce ageing signs. It promotes natural beauty and the glow of the skin. It even fights winter skin and other skin issues caused by weather conditions.

525-550 nm is the average wavelength that green LED light therapy Melbourne is performed on.

Yellow light:

This one treats photo rejuvenation, reduces the toxins from the skin, brightens the skin, treats rosacea, indigestion, lymphatic congestion and sunburn. Yellow can be blended with red and green to customise the desired results. It also brightens the complexity of the skin by decreasing melanin production.

590 nm is the general wavelength of yellow LED light therapy Melbourne.

Cyan light:

Cyan coloured LED light therapy Melbourne helps skin tension, sunburn, hyper-inflammation, soothing, calming, healing, enhances cell energy by encouraging the metabolism. It also soothes the skin’s texture and cells. Nevertheless, it also tightens the skin.

The average wavelength of cyan colour is 500-520 nm.

Violate light:

This one causes cell regeneration and protracts cell life. It helps to repair the cell. Violet/purple light is a combination of red and blue and somehow includes their properties in a certain limit. If you want your skin to generate fresher skin cells then this is one perfect for you. It also treats rosacea and inflammation at an average. Furthermore, it prevents protein fibre issues from happening and causes enough beneficial protein and fresh cells.

This violet light in LED Light therapy Melbourne is emitted at 400-420 nm.

Orange light:

Orange light that is emitted during LED Light therapy Melbourne works like a revivor of the dead skin. It gives back the natural glow of the skin and helps the skin become more radiant and brighter. Not to forget, it also brings the dull-looking skin back to life. If you have not paid enough attention to your skin recently, orange light is what you need to bring the spark back.

Orange coloured light works on 590-625 nm.

Other than these primary colours, there are many more which give better skin effects. Before you start the sessions of LED light therapy Melbourne, always make sure that you know the details. Unless you won’t get desired results.


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