Every skin needs pampering! Moisturizing delights for your skin type

Beauty professionals at Noir salon, Punjabi Bagh identify several benefits of applying the right kind of moisturizer for your skin type.

The Moisturizer is the best hydrating cream that you can apply day and night as part of a healthy skin care routine. Winter season comes with skin dryness and itchiness, hence creating an imbalance in the healthy skin routine. Moisturizer is the best hydrating face cream that you can apply day and night as part of a healthy skincare routine. Have you picked the right kind of moisturizer for your skin type? Dry, oily, sensitive, or acne-prone, every skin type requires a different kind of moisturizing cream to maintain a perfect balance of natural oils and complexion.

Moisturizers are much more than just keeping your skin smooth and soft. Beauty professionals at Noir salon, Punjabi Bagh identify several benefits. Moisturizers protect the healthy skin cells from damage and irritation by producing extra oils to curb dehydration. It is a productive way to tackle many skin problems like redness, flakiness, dark spots and others.

They are mostly a combination of three kinds of ingredients – humectants, emollients and occlusive, in varied ratios.


Humectant-based moisturizer works well for all skin types, but suites best for oily skin. If you are using soaps that dry up the skin, humectant moisturizer extracts water from the environment to the outer layers of the skin and keeps it hydrated. Its gel formula is very lightweight and absorbs quickly in the skin. It contains hyaluronic acid, honey, glycerin and aloe vera.


Emollient-based moisturizers have a light lotion or light cream consistency. The oils fill-in the dry skin cracks for a smooth and soft skin surface. It acts as a lubricating agent in many skincare products. Emollient moisturizer is best for normal, dry and combination skin types. It can be identified with ingredients like silicone, shea butter, grape seed oils, lanolin, ceramides, squalane and rosehip. It is a perfect choice to tackle anti-aging properties and inflammatory tendencies.


Occlusive moisturizer is a perfect hydrating cream for dehydrated, aging and dry skin types. It has a thick consistency and forms a protective layer on the skin’s surface. It reduces the moisture loss while in exposure to pollen, wind, friction and cold weather. Occlusive moisturizer contains ingredients like lanolin, shea butter, mineral oil, olive oil and beeswax.

As per the above distinction, one can easily identify that gel-based tamil anti hot sex video moisturizers work best for oily skin type. For dry skin, nothing is better than thick creams and for normal to combination skin, liquid lotion is the perfect choice.

Indu Yadav, beauty expert at Noir salon says, “no matter what moisturizer you choose, essential part is to incorporate one in your daily skin care regime for a hydrated and glowing skin.” Start the routine by washing your face and apply your selected moisturizer when the skin is still moist to lock the hydration and enhance the youthful looking complexion.

I hope this article has helped you identify the right moisturizer for your skin type. It is important to have fresh and hydrated skin throughout.


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