How To Install A Keyless Door Lock By Yourself At Home

The future belongs to smart locks. We may open these locks via passcodes, voice commands, or our phone’s GPS. That means you’ll never lock yourself out of your house again (well, maybe not never; more on that later).In this article, we discuss how to install a keyless door lock by yourself.

The installation process is one of the disadvantages of smart locks. You could hire an expert, but if you prefer to do things yourself, keep reading.

Professional Vs. Do-It-Yourself

Decide if you want to install your lock yourself or hire a pro. If you go the professional route, expect to pay between $307 and $617 on average. When you consider the typical cost of a smart lock, which is $150, you could reconsider your installation decision. 

However, professionals install with great aptness. Therefore, if you want to get professional help, search for Lock repair and replacement in Melrose Park.

What You’ll Need to Install A Keyless Door Lock: 


Find out what is required before purchasing your lock, which may include tools, a certain type of lock or door, or a home security system. For instance, you may require a deadbolt, specifically a single-cylinder deadbolt with an interior outlet, or a cylinder keyless door lock.

If you already have a home security system, get a lock that is compatible with it so your system will arm when the doors lock and vice versa.

Instructions For Setup

The specific directions for installing a smart lock will vary depending on the model and manufacturer, but according to August, it will look somewhat like this:

  1. Prepare the deadbolt you already have.
  2. Remove the current thumb latch.
  3. Get your mounting plate ready.
  4. Place your mounting plate in place.
  5. Connect the adaptor.
  6. Activate the wing latches.
  7. Install the new lock.
  8. Take the faceplate off.
  9. Remove the battery tab.
  10. Replace the faceplate, and so forth.

How To Make Your Door More Secure:

Install A WiFi-Connected Lock

The first step in safeguarding your door is to install a Wi-Fi-connected lock. Install door sensors in your doorframe to be notified when someone enters or exits your home.

After you’ve finished installing the lock and attaching the batteries, verify the locking mechanism to ensure it works properly.

Add A Doorbell Camera 

Add a doorbell camera to view what’s going on at home even better. For example, the Ring Peephole Cam allows you to see via the peephole (hole in the door) on your phone.

App Configuration

After you’ve installed the physical lock, you’ll need to set up the app to make it smart. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock can be linked to the August Home app in the following way:

  1. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play.
  2. Make a user account.
  3. Install the lock.
  4. Name the lock after its location, such as the front door, back door, and so on.
  5. Connect the lock to your home network through Wi-Fi.
  6. Set up smart home connectivity.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Keyless Door Lock

While we enjoy utilizing our smart locks, we are aware that they are not without flaws. For example, unlike traditional locks, these IoT locks, like any other Internet of Things (IoT) device, can be hacked. Let’s take a closer look. Hire any affordable locksmith to get your smart lock installed.


Prevents Package Theft: 

You may say goodbye to package theft by allowing your Amazon delivery man into your home remotely.

No Need For Keys:

Have you forgotten your office key? You won’t be left out in the cold if you use a keypad lock.

Passcodes For Visitors: 

If you need to allow someone in remotely, you may offer them temporary passcodes, which are far better than placing a key under the mat for preventing home invasions.

If you’ve ever worried about when a dog sitter will actually arrive at your home, you can check the lock’s activity through its mobile app.

No Picking Or Knocking

This does not apply to smart locks that use standard keys. Your smart lock can’t be picked or bumped if it doesn’t have a key slot.

Have your smart lights turn on when you unlock your door or have your smart garage door close when you lock your side door. In other words, your smart lock can automatically activate other smart home gadgets, allowing your smart home to function.

Access For Visitors: 

You can issue temporary passcodes to housekeepers, delivery people, and home service specialists to permit them in when you’re not at home.

Log Of Events: 

The app for your smart lock will track its activities throughout the day, allowing you to know when it was opened and closed.


Some smart locks automatically lock your doors when you leave the house, so you never have to worry about leaving one open.



Smart locks can be hacked in the same way that smart security systems can be.

Hackers could acquire access to your lock and, as a result, your home if you don’t have a secure password set up.

Wi-Fi Is Required: 

A smart lock that relies only on your Wi-Fi could have problems, especially if your Wi-Fi isn’t very reliable.

If your smart lock isn’t hooked into your home’s electrical system and instead operates on batteries, the batteries may run out, leaving you stranded outdoors.


Because smart locks cost on average $150, installing them on many ground-floor doors will cost hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars if you hire a professional.

Smart locks were the most difficult to install of all the products we evaluated, especially if you have to hardwire them into an existing system.


We recommend having a smart lock with a key slot so you can get inside even if your Wi-Fi or battery goes out.

If you already have a smart home setup, check for a smart lock that works with your voice assistants, such as Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. Your smart lock should be able to communicate with your other IoT devices, allowing for easy home automation.


Geofencing implies that smart lock changes based on the location of your phone. Your smart lock will unlock when you are close to your home, and vice versa. However, geofencing can cause security concerns, such as when you drive past your house but do not enter.

It’s also not ideal for apartment dwellers, as your door may unlock the moment you enter the downstairs lobby. Consider whether the benefits of geofencing outweigh the potential security hazards.


In conclusion,  we can say that smart locks have many advantages. They are more secure and safe. However,  they can be expensive.  But they are a good investment and should definitely get these locks.

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