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Top Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta pass is somewhere at the height of around 4270 m in Pir Panjal range giving a panoramic view of the himalayan snow capped mountains. The main point of attraction of this place is the Lake Chandratal which means “Moon Lake ” which is a crescent shaped lake. This place has a lot of religious significance as it is said that Lord Indra, the King of Gods, came down on his chariot to convey Yudhishthira who is the eldest of the Pandavas, to heaven in his mortal form. 

According to Hindu mythology. Fairies, according to local legend, visit the lake at night. Chandratal’s lodging options are also restricted. It has a mind blowing view of the running waters. The water is crystal clear and thus you can see the bottom of the lake. 

Not only this but the Hampta Pass Trek on reaching its highest point provides a Spectacular view of the Himalayan range. You can also come across certain wildlife during summer. 


Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund Lake, which is probably the highest point of this trek, is located at an altitude of about 12772 ft at Solang Valley. You can start the trek from Old Manali and end at Beas Kund lake in the Solang valley. These rare sites and views are something which you can’t get anywhere and thus this is what makes this Beas Kund so special and amazing. The river beas in the Solang valley bautifies itself in between the two scenic valleys and along with that you can witness the magnificent skyline of the Pir Panjal Range, a truly breathtaking view and will satisfy you till your next trip. 

Beas Kund Lake situated in the lap of the seven sisters has a holy significance as it is said that Rishi Vyas used to take bath in this holy water. Therefore it adds a great meaning to the life of people living there. While trekking you can also get to merge with the locals and the remote villages which will make you explore their daily life and cultures making your holiday a memorable one. 


Kheerganga Trek

Do you want to experience the true spirituality and the most peaceful place on this earth? Then this traje is definitely made for you. Kheerganga has a great mythological significance with the oldest Shiva temple in the world and millions of people from all over the world come all the way here in kheerganga in search for inner peace and spirituality. 

On your way you can view the most unique serpent shaped waterfall in Rudra Nag and an amazing picturesque place which is impossible to forget. Here one can witness the most beautiful sides of nature and how nature can help you removing your daily life stresses. 


Friendship Peak trek 

Friendship Peak as the name suggests is a beautiful place to go and experience with your place and make the best of adventurous and nostalgic memories to cherish all your life. 

The average height of this peak is 17352.36 ft and is a little difficult but the journey is worth it. It is a 9 days long trek but those nine days would be your best and the most beautiful days of your life. It will take you through a rollercoaster ride making you know and witness many mythological stories, unparalleled skyline of the Pir Panjal Range, majestic snow capped mountains, the prettiest alpine meadows and take blessings from the famous Hadimba Temple. Not only this but you can also get the most scenic view of the Solang Valley. 

After all this probably you will be planning this trip with your friends and I assure you that you won’t regret your decision. 

This place is in the bucket list of most of the travelers and make sure that they don’t miss something like this. 


Buran Ghati trek

What if I tell you that you can climb 15000 ft above sea level. Witness the most majestic snow capped mountains and walk through a path covered with the blanket of snow, enjoy the long snowy slides and click pictures in the picturesque streams and waterfalls? Of course who would say no. It is like witnessing a heaven on earth and to be honest who says no to heaven!? This does not end with this; you can go to The Dayara meadows which provide spectacular views. Chandranahan Lake is another major lodestone encased in melting snow. The Chander Nahan lake, located between Chansal Peak. The Dhauladhar range, rises to an incredible 12,000 feet above the valley level, producing a stunning barrier wall which is fascinating. The difficulty level ranges to moderate to difficult. 


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