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Valley of Flowers Trek: Beginner’s Guide



Do you want to experience the most amazing but easy place to trek? Here, I have got your answer to your question. Valley of Flowers – a Himalayan trek giving you the sights of Himalayas. 

Full of fun and adventure this trek takes you to a heavenly experience of the valley of flowers which was first discovered by the Britishers and came across this valley covered with beautiful flowers. Thus named the place as a valley of flowers. 


Valley of Flowers is a national park located in Chamoli district in Uttarakhand. This area is spread around 88 sq. 

The trip of Valley of Flowers can also be called as valley of blossoms goes through thick woods, alongside Pushpawati waterway and can be reached by intersecting many scaffolds, icy masses and cascades on the way. This glaring piece of nature is an Indian National Park and an UNESCO World Heritage Site displaying rich knolls bloomed with endemic snow capped blossoms and different fauna in this valley


Things to be carried

  • Warm clothes like sweatshirts, pullovers, full sleeve T shirts, thermals, warm inner wears etc. 
  • Waterproof trekking shoes whether trekking in rain or snow to ensure comfortable trekking with thick soles.
  • Thermos and water bottle in case of warm water.
  • Cosmetics like sunscreen, cream, moisturizer, body lotion, body wash , face wash, lip balm etc. 
  • Sunglasses
  • Cap / hat
  • Head torch / flashlight along with extra batteries – in hilly areas usually there is a lot of problem for electricity so torch is necessary especially during night.
  • Rain coat or wind sheeter 
  • Medicines for any medical emergencies
  • First Aid kit for any physical injuries while your journey
  • Toiletries
  • Extra pair of clothes and footwears
  • Camera (Very important as this is the thing which is going to capture these beautiful moments of your life and the majestic views) 
  • Eatables like sacks which you can carry as there are no eating points


From where should we start

Start right on time from Ghangaria to have additional current time when you are in the Valley of Flowers.

Due to safety reasons people are not allowed to stay at night in the valley of flowers and therefore they have to walk back to Ghangaria or Govindghat to find shelter for the night and camp. You can also book your stay at private hotels in Ghangaria.

Exploring the valley takes about 5 to 6 hours and walking and exploring all this time would be very exhausting and tiring so it is recommended to take some eatables and snacks with them as there are no eating points in the valley. Packed lunch and some refreshments are a better choice to take with you. There is a seven km trail from Pulna to Bhyundar village where you can view cold water springs, cascading waterfalls and the most scenic beauty of nature. This place is filled with shrubs and wild rises making the place not less than heaven. 

That area is also somewhat red and pink in color due to the beautiful Rhododendron trees adding colors to that path. 


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Valley of Flowers as the name suggests is full of colorful, prettiest and scented flowers blooming the whole place and makes you feel in its awe. It would be one of the most beautiful places you would have ever witnessed in your life. This place has a huge variety of flora and fauna and is a very popular destination for lovers, friends, wildlife photography, nature or landscape photography, and millions of people including international visitors visit this place every year. It is said to bloom and change its colors from May to October. 

Valley of flowers is renowned for its vivid and Variant blossoms which makes the lovely view covering blossoms excellent mountains of himalayas. 


Best time to visit

The best time to visit this place is during the monsoon season as it is only accessible during these months that is June to October. During this time the flowers bloom more than ever. When the little drops of rain fall on the delicate petals of the pretty flowers it makes the place more breathtaking. The storms during this season is when the flowers spread over the whole floor thus making it a blanket of flowers covering the whole path. Imagine you walking through that path won’t be less than a dream making you feel like being in a wonderland. If you want the maximum number of flowers then you should visit in July and August.  

As Valley of Flowers journey is very exhausting, consequently travelers ought to be actually and intellectually fit for the trip so you must be fit enough to travel for this whole trek

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