Tips for travelling in the Monsoon

Monsoon is here with all the drizzle and breeze, and travellers are excited to explore all the country’s places in this soothing season. From North to South, many places to visit in the monsoons unleash the traveller within you. All said and done, the roads and the weather of the monsoons have their downside of slippery roads, untidy surroundings and the possibility of attracting cold and fever. So, if you want to travel in monsoons, you must take all necessary precautions and follow certain tips. Now a days you can get many luxury caravans for your trip across the country.

Let us look at some essential tips one must follow while taking a monsoon trip.

Pay heed to the weather forecast

First things first, before thinking of travelling in monsoons, ensure that you have the weather report of the places you are going to. Torrential rains in India make it mandatory for us to check the rain at least 3-4 before planning our travel. So, checking the weather forecast helps you not be a victim of unpredictable weather. If your tour plan is to the northern part of the country, like the Himalayas, you should have the weather report handy as there is a possibility of landslides and cloud bursts in those regions.

o not forget to carry medicines with you.

Carrying medicines is a must for any trip, and rainy seasons demand more of them. So, have your first aid kit, insect repellents, and the general medicines you use daily as a variety of insects and mosquitoes can cause discomfort to you, especially when you are having a good time in nature or on the hill or in the low altitude areas.

Pack synthetic and waterproof clothes with you

The clothes you carry also play a crucial role while travelling in the rainy season. You have to pack clothes that are easy to dry and at the same time easy for you to wear on the trip. Synthetic clothes, known to be a breathable fabric, are easy to pack and use during the rainy season. As they dry up quickly, you do not need to change the clothes very often, thus saving a lot of time during the travel.

 Always take care of your luggage.

It is the time to unfold all the waterproof and Monsoon-friendly luggage you have wrapped in the corner of your home throughout the year. No matter how much baggage you carry, ensure all the luggage is waterproof, from the backpack to the shoes you wear, as they help you avoid any damage. Be it a road trip or a trip of any other mode, travel with waterproof essentials with you. Another thing to remember is that waterproof luggage is easy to wash.

 Never drink water from unreliable sources.

This point must be followed every season and, most importantly, as the water contamination in the monsoons is at its peak. This can attack you with various dreadful diseases that take a long time to recover. You can avoid this by purchasing packed mineral water bottles in the shops outside as they are safer.

 Waterproof your electronic devices

Your mobiles, chargers, power banks, data cables, speakers and any electronic device that you have, please cover them with waterproof materials as there’s a chance of rainwater entering them while travelling. You can be safe and cautious, but still, while climbing steps or walking in open areas, water might slide into them in minutes damaging the devices. So it is better to wrap them up in waterproof materials.

Avoid street food at all costs.

Street food and junk foods are not good for the health even in the summer and winter, but the rainy season makes it worse. If you are enjoying a road trip on a caravan, it is always advised to carry your home-cooked food with you or cook it yourself inside the caravan rather than eating the street food at the stops you come across. Also, if you are travelling by train or bus, do not entertain any food during the travel. This is because food is majorly contaminated in the rainy season, and there’s a huge possibility that they bring all the contaminated food that is prepared with preserved and long-stored oils, which is very harmful to the health.

Be careful while you are driving and know the routes beforehand.

So, the rainy season is best at filling the roads with rain and making them slippery. Drive slow and be very cautious as you proceed with the travelling. If you have a road trip in a caravan or car, it will help a lot if you drive slow as your vehicle might slip on the roads. This applies even if you travel on bikes, as it is easy for a motorcycle to slip in the turns and slides.

It is also essential to know the route if you are taking road trips. The correct route that leads you to the destination might be covered up with all the rainwater, making it difficult for you to go if you are unaware of the other options to depend on. So, please know the routes before starting your trip and have the maps handy.


The rainy season is the most beautiful, and a monsoon trip can leave you with the best memories if you take the necessary precautions. Many travel companies provide rent luxury caravans, which help you a lot on a road trip.

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