Common Reasons Why The Car Won’t Start

When the car won’t start is such an embarrassing and inconveniencing situation especially if you were in a hurry to get somewhere. When the car doesn’t start there is a probability that something is wrong within the starting system components. Otherwise, it could be a simple miscalculation on your part.

What do I mean by miscalculation here; simply the way you turned off the vehicle while you were parking it. But let us list some of the common reasons why the car won’t start. In order to get your car services that put it back on the road.

1. Steering wheel on lock mode.

This is what I meant by miscalculations. Sometimes the steering goes to lock mode and this prevents the car from starting. If you notice that the key isn’t turning within the ignition, then the steering is on lock mode. Though there are various reasons for a key getting jammed up in the ignition. In fact, the steering lock activates during different occasions like;

  1. When you park the car with the wheel pressing hard on the pavement kerb.
  2. Secondly, when the parked car has the gear set to drive mode instead of parking mode or neutral for manual cars.
  3. When you turn off the engine while still moving the steering wheel it enters lock mode.

This can be resolved by gently giggling the steering wheel as you turn the key in ignition. This will help to loosen the steering wheel and allow the key to turn in the ignition. Hence, allowing you to start the car. Further, you should check whether the gear is set to parking or neutral before you try restarting the engine.

2. Dead car battery.

The car battery is an essential part of the engine starting process. This instrument supplies electric volts that are necessary for producing an electric spark within the combustion chamber. Further, this electric spark comes from the spark plug which ignites the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber to provide engine power. A couple of things may lead to a dead car battery. But those ones are not our discussion today.

3. Spark plug.

The spark plug is a really essential part of the engine starting process. Because the spark plug is the one that initiates the combustion process within the combustion chamber. A faulty spark plug may lead to a car not starting. Further, it is one of the reasons why a car shakes when it is idling.

A faulty spark plug comes about because of unburnt fuel within the combustion chamber. Additionally, the spark plug wears out because of the effects of time. To prevent the spark plug from wearing out because of fuel within the combustion chamber, try to start the engine and let it run for some time. This allows the car to burn the fuel that has been injected into the combustion chamber.

4. Low fuel.

Some of the powerful engines don’t allow the driver to start the car if the fuel is at a certain level. This also applies to other cars. Ensure that you check the fuel levels before you park your car. Because it will be difficult to restart the car after parking it when the fuel is too low. The fuel provides power for the engine to run even when the car is idle.

5. Electrical issues.

When we talk about car electrical issues, there are a few things that we are referring to. These are inclusive of;

  1. Wiring within the car’s starting system.
  2. Fuse box that has a blown fuse in an attempt to regulate electric current flow.
  3. Battery connections that have been poorly connected or corroded hence hindering electric current transfer.




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