15 Best Travel Blogs To Follow in 2023

The creation of a travel blog is a fantastic way to share your travel adventures and experiences and earn money online. If you want to succeed you may want to look at the sites of seasoned, well-established travel experts and follow their top strategies. In this article, we’ve collected 15 excellent examples of travel websites that have everything: gorgeous images useful tips, effective methods to monetize your blog, and strategies to cultivating a loyal audience.

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Travel Blogs From Around The World

We have tried to find the best travel blogs available on the web in 2023 for different niches related to travel.

1. Nomad Revelations Travel Blog

The information on Nomad Revelations is frequently updated. Joao Leitao the writer for this website, has a broad variety of destinations on every continent while giving readers all the details they require to plan their trip. Nomad Revelations provide complete information as well as unique views from travelers.

Additionally, Nomad Revelations also offer things that other websites don’t, such as travel guides for visiting UNESCO’s World Heritage sites, interviews with travelers, blog posts on traveling by van around the globe, and round-the-world (RTW) information on travel and tourism, tips for boats, travel and much more.

2. Expert Vagabond Travel Blog

Expert Vagabond is managed by a man whose name is Mathew. The site has some truly stunning posts as well as information on various destinations around the globe like diving with sharks on the beach in Fiji or traveling by hitchhiking across America. Mathew is a unique traveler who shares personal experiences as well as tips to share with anyone looking to travel.

Mathew’s blog’s content is distinctive, fascinating, and educational. Expert Vagabond is definitely worth taking to look through if you intend to be an author of travel blogs. Additionally, you will get detailed information on equipment for photography and also information on living the life of a digital nomad as well as remote work.

3. The Poor Traveler Travel Blog

The Poor Traveler includes a variety of bloggers who write the site’s content. The project is renowned for its detailed guide to the most popular destinations in the globe for people with a limited budget.

The website also contains extensive information about how to arrange your trip. It will help you request visas for different countries and read about the requirements for travel. And get helpful information about passports and other forms of identification.

4. BreatheDreamGo Travel Blog

BreatheDreamGo is among the most reliable sources for female solo travelers. Mariellen is the blogger’s owner. This blog has traveled to and written about various destinations all over the world which includes Bhutan, Canada, Costa Rica, India, England, Ireland, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

There’s a pretty regular stream of information on BreatheDreamGo and a majority of articles have a lot of substance. If you’ve been searching for very useful and informative information on travel the blog might provide a lot of value to you.

5. Oneika the Traveller Travel Blog

Oneika Raymond, a traveler, media persona journalist, and keynote speaker. To date, Oneika has visited the globe in 115 countries, and across six continents and is far from ever stopping.

The blog she has won awards for, Oneika the Traveller, hopes to inspire women and people of color to explore the world and live life to the fullest. On her blog, you’ll discover travel tips, lifestyle advice and insight into it is like to be a female black traveler could be like.

6. Legal Nomads Travel Blog

Jodi The person of Legal Nomads, is a former lawyer who resigned from her job in order to travel to Siberia. On her website, Jodi posts about her travels as well as health, food, and photography, as well as shares stories from her travels. So far, she’s traveled to more than 40 countries as well as remote locations such as Siberia as well as South Africa.

Legal Nomads is distinctive for its section of travel that is gluten-free. Jodi is also the author of a series titled “Thrillable Hours”, in which she recounts the stories of lawyers who left their jobs for a life on the road.

7. Bemused Backpacker Travel Blog

Mike Huxley has traveled to numerous countries and has written about his experiences in great detail. The awed BackPacker continues to pursue the aim of helping others discover the world without spending a dime.

Anyone who wants to experience extraordinary travel experiences without spending a lot is sure to be able to find Bemused BackPacker as a fantastic source. People who wish to know how to stay away from the risk of causing animal cruelty while traveling will find this site extremely useful.

8. Two Monkeys Travel Group

Kach along with Jonathan are seasoned bloggers and writers. This shouldn’t be a surprise given the fact that they’ve been traveling since 2013.

This blog covers a range of places around the world and provides valuable information for people who are looking to travel to Africa, Asia, Australia as well as Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, and many other regions. This blog is also notable for its numerous sections, including honeymoon guides, as well as cruise and sailing guides.

9. Nomadic Matt Travel Blog

In addition to providing travel advice from experienced travelers. The Nomadic Matt assists over one million users to plan their trips. The blog also helps visitors learn how to make a living in the field of travel.

Matt is a New York Times bestselling author who sells his works through his blog. He also earns money selling tickets to flights hotels, accommodations, travel insurance, and other services used on his trips. He is a great source of thoughts, suggestions, and advice for the site’s owners and visitors.

Matt is also part of a vibrant community. There are many ways to join him. blog school, book club regularly scheduled virtual events as well as group trips.

10. Uncornered Market Travel Blog

The aim of Daniel Noll and Audrie Scott is to provide travelers with valuable experiences and to promote sustainable tourism. They also aid businesses and brands grow sustainable travel offerings and developing destinations.

As of 2001 Daniel And Audrie in 2001, Audrie and Daniel left San Francisco with six suitcases and a one-way ticket to Prague. In 2006 they quit Prague to explore the globe and tell their stories with the people they meet on their journey. They continue to do this via their blog, advisory, and social media platforms and also by giving talks at conferences and other events.

11. Y Travel Blog

The couple that is passionate began their travel blog adventure in 2010 with the intention of sharing their travels through various destinations. They’ve been to five countries and traveled to 52 countries. The fact that they have children didn’t deter them from traveling. They’ve got really interesting suggestions and tips for visitors to their blog and offer useful tips for families traveling on Y Travel Blog.

The couple earns income through the sale of flights, hotel guidebooks, travel insurance, and their own items through their store. They have over 4,500 followers on Instagram and use other social platforms in order to advertise their blog.

12. Hand Luggage Only Travel Blog

Hand Luggage It was an idea of two college students who wanted to share their travel experiences with other travelers. And Hand Luggage Only is a well-organized website that gives information about travel, photography, and food. The blog hosts provide helpful tips and other information on these topics for their readers.

The quality of the photos taken from their travels is excellent. As can be seen in the comments, bloggers are extremely accommodating to their followers. Along with the various sites on social networks. They make use of email subscriptions to draw more people to their pages. Click here to find out more about email marketing’s efficacious segmentation strategies.

13. One Mile at a Time

The One Mile at a Time project was born in 2008 when an individual dubbed Lucky was sent an email that contained a deal for airline miles. From there, he began his journey which spanned more than 4 million miles. He recorded his travel blog entries. Lucky Shares provide valuable details about points, miles, and the most reliable credit cards for travel.

14. The Blonde Abroad Travel Blog

The Blonde Abroad is an award-winning travel blog that Kiersten launched after quitting her job in finance in LA. Kiersten is determined to encourage women who are traveling on their own to explore the globe, but you will also get advice on adventures and budget traveling, luxurious travel couple travel and so much more.

To fund her travels and earn money, Kiersten does affiliate programs such as travel for press, web content development, consulting on travel social media marketing, and photography tours.

15. Goats on the Road Travel Blog

Dariece Nick and Nick are couples from Canada. Canadian couple who are sharing their travel experiences across the globe. In their blog, humorously called Goats On the Road, Dariece, and Nick give tips on safe and well-thought-out travel across the globe which includes destinations that are in Africa, Asia, Europe as well as in the Middle East, and the Americas.

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