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Pubs and bars are places where many people congregate and, like any place with movement, we generated a large amount of waste and stains every night. Room cleaning is very necessary to achieve a healthy environment every time it opens. We are going to know the most relevant points so that the party room is prepared and ready every night.

Complications of party room cleaning

Party rooms, cocktail bars, or restaurants have their own characteristics that make the room cleaning methods used change a lot compared to other businesses or other rooms. The amount of waste to be removed during cleaning of rooms is greater than in cleaning of commercial premises, for example.

The main complications of this type of place when cleaning rooms are:

  • Alcohol: because of its characteristics, alcohol is a very sticky substance. In contact with any surface, it is very difficult to remove completely. Also, its scent lasts a long time.
  • Chewing gum: just like alcohol, chewing gum also sticks to the floor of the club and it takes a lot of effort to get it out. It is important to remove them as soon as we see them if they will not stay forever, since there will be a time when not even the deepest cleaning of rooms will eliminate it completely.
  • Tobacco: although smoking is prohibited on this type of premises, there are others that have a special license or are smoking clubs where cigarettes continue to be consumed. Tobacco smoke complicates the cleaning of rooms, the ceilings gain color over time and, in addition, the atmosphere remains charged and rarefied in those places where the cleaning of rooms is carried out and they do not have a good ventilation system.


How is the cleaning of party rooms carried out?

The after events cleaning of party rooms is very important. It is no longer just about achieving a healthy atmosphere, both for clients and workers, but also about projecting the company image that is sought.

Obviously, the cleaning of party rooms must be carried out every time the facilities are used. Besides the fact that the environment would be quite unpleasant if it were not done, this is something that helps its maintenance and thus saves costs in the long term.

Essential Room Cleaning Tasks

  • A day of cleaning party rooms begins by ventilating the facilities. Many of the pubs are low-rise or street-level premises that do not have many exits to the outside, and ventilating the premises becomes difficult. Opening a small window or the door to the street will lighten the atmosphere after a night out. If this does not achieve much, we highly recommended it to clean with ozone, which will return fresh air to the premises and provide a feeling of deep professional pub cleaning by eliminating all bad odors.
  • After emptying the bins and ashtrays, we continue with the cleaning of party rooms on the floor or dance floor. It is a stressful environment where you have to put in more effort than usual. People dance to the music holding their glasses or soft drinks and, between turns, something always ends up spilling. At the end of the night, it is normal to force yourself to get your foot off the ground. We must sweep the dance floor to remove any type of waste or solid residue that may be present. It is advisable to use a broom or brush with hard bristles; the type used by street sweepers since, with the spilled alcohol, everything is probably quite stuck. This is the time to check for gum on the pavement and scrape it off if you find it.

More essential cleaning tasks

  • Once the surface has been swept, the scrubbing begins. If the amplitude of the facilities suffices to introduce a professional scrubber-dryer, we will do the work in much less time. If there is no space for this, it is best to carry out the first pass of water to the premises. With this, we will get the most fat. We recommend the next pass to do it with some type of product that helps eliminate the alcohol that may remain on the floor. It can be a descaling solution or grease remover, which will achieve a good result by removing the remains. Be careful not to use abrasive solutions in cleaning rooms that can damage the flooring. If you do not have a professional cleaning company, it is best to always read the labels.
  • Club bathrooms are always a surprise. You never know what might end up appearing there. Normally, this task requires a lot of time in the cleaning rooms, having to thoroughly clean toilets, glass, taps, and mirrors. It’s not just about removing the waste and tidying up the place, disinfecting the space. Because of the use given to bathrooms, it is important that hygiene and health are above all else.
  • Continuing with the cleaning of rooms, we come to the interior of the bar, a place where there is usually not much complication. We always found some solid waste in this area, such as bottle caps, napkins, or glass debris from broken glass. The stickiness of the spilled alcohol will surely also be found in this area, so the same product applied previously can be applied. It is unnecessary to always clean the shelves behind the bar. With regular cleaning, it will be more than enough.

Regular room cleaning tasks

  • We can spread within the room cleaning tasks that, over time, we find the cleaning of textiles. If you have carpet, curtains, sofas, or chairs, we can clean once these elements a month. If the room has a lot of influxes, it can be done less frequently. We evaluated this according to the use made by the facilities.
  • The same thing happens with ceiling cleaning. , it is a task that can be done once a month or even more spaced out. In places where smoking is allowed, it is worth doing it with some frequency to eliminate residues or stains caused by cigarette smoke.
  • Within the cleaning of rooms, the maintenance of the pipes is of special importance. Every so often, monthly or bi-monthly, a product should be applied to clean and descale waste that can produce a bad smell. In addition, with this task, it is also possible to avoid blockages in the pipes that could cause more serious problems.
  • Room cleaning also includes tasks such as polishing or waxing floors if the surface lends itself to it. These procedures improve the resistance of the soil and keep it in optimal conditions for longer.

The professionals who are part of SCS Group Cleaning Solution are specialists in cleaning rooms, making your business look like the first day. We have the latest technology in ozone cleaning to achieve the ideal atmosphere. It is so important in party rooms, after events and pub cleaning. Find out without commitment!





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