Manual window cleaning; cleaning windows, shelves, frames, and blinds

Cleaning windows in a building, house or community is an essential task besides maintaining a well-cared image, to have natural lighting, that is; dirty windows prevent the sun's rays from entering the interior spaces.

Cleaning windows in a building, house or community is an essential task besides maintaining a well-cared image, to have natural lighting, that is; dirty windows prevent the sun’s rays from entering the interior spaces. This cleaning service is in the professional field; in offices, it is essential to maintain the professional image of the business.

Window and glass cleaning is a task that frequently requires meticulous work and does not always offer the expected results. This cleaning service also includes the tasks of cleaning shelves, blinds, and frames, which are also many times in which, no matter how many times we repeat cleaning, stains or traces of lint remain. For this reason, in this article, I will tell you what products you should use so that there is no trace of the annoying lint, what homemade mixtures you can use to avoid the glass cleaning product and how to get rid of mold on the window frames.

In this article, I will explain the different tasks to be carried out in the cleaning of windows; cleaning of shelves, exterior blinds and washable and non-washable blinds, large and small windows, and the best tricks to achieve exceptional finishes.

Do you want to know how complete window cleaning is done?

How to clean window sills?

Window sills are a part that accumulates a lot of dirt, as it is an external surface that is constantly exposed to weather factors, street dust, dirt, etc. When doing a complete window cleaning, the windowsills are a fundamental part of always looking perfect.

  • Carry out frequent cleaning: for correct cleaning of windows and of shelves, it is necessary to do regular cleaning and maintenance. We do not recommend that you let a long time go by before cleaning them again, since being in an outdoor area and being exposed to different climate factors, they get dirty more often.
  • With porous surfaces of materials such as stone, it is essential to carry out constant maintenance, since this type of material adheres to dirt more easily.
  • To clean materials such as marble or other stone surfaces, it is advisable to use natural soaps or even pH-neutral soaps if possible.
  • How do you clean shelves?: To clean the shelf, you must apply the product, that is; natural soap over the entire surface and rub with a brush until the dirt disappears. You should remove the remains of soap with a cloth as soon as possible as they could damage the stone. To avoid excess dirt, it is advisable to clean every two or three days.

How to clean exterior blinds?

They also exposed the shutters that protect doors and windows facing the outside to the factors of the weather; rain, sunstroke, and wind, they also receive a large amount of dust and dirt from the street.

To clean them correctly, it is necessary to have a bucket and in it, we will make a mixture of water, soap, and a little ammonia. After removing it, we must soak a cloth in the mixture and clean the entire surface until the dirt disappears.

How to clean blinds and roller blinds?

When the blinds can be washed, their cleaning is very simple. With a sponge soaked in water and a cleaning product, start rubbing the front and back. Once the stains have disappeared, rinse them with a sponge soaked in clean water. After this step, partially dry them with a cloth or towel. To finish, hang them again, even if they are still a little wet so that they finish drying.

When the blinds are not washable, it is best to brush them to remove the dust. Another very common option is to use the dusting brush of the vacuum cleaner.

How to properly clean a window frame?

  • Dusting the frame: Window frames have an inside part and an outside part. In both cases, we will use the same process. To remove the dust, it is necessary to have a dry microfiber cloth. Once you have it, pass it over the entire surface of the frame to remove dirt; dust and cobwebs, marches, etc.
  •  Frame cleaning: The most important thing is that you consider the material with which we made the frame to choose a cleaning product that does not damage it. Once you have chosen the product, mix it with water and moisten a soft cloth in the mixture to remove all dirt from the surface of the frame.
  • Homemade tricks for cleaning frames: Each material requires a specific treatment, so I will tell you how to prepare a solution for cleaning windows with aluminum, wood, or synthetic material frames.
  • The homemade trick to clean aluminum windows: In a bucket or any plastic container, mix water with a small amount of alcohol. Once the mixture is done, use a soft cloth or cloth and apply it by rubbing the entire surface in a circle, since aluminum is a delicate material.

More cleaning tips

  • Homemade mixture for cleaning windows with frames made of synthetic materials: For this type of material, the ideal thing is to mix water with soap and apply it with a cloth over the entire surface. If the stains persist, you can resort to detergent, that is; Mix water with detergent and reapply until stains are removed.
  • How do clean windows with wooden frames?: Cleaning wooden frames should be done with specific products for this material, such as a parquet floor cleaner mixed with water.
  • The home trick to remove mold from window frames: Sometimes we let time pass and cleaning the windows becomes an almost impossible mission. Even if your window has accumulated a lot of dirt or even has mold, don’t worry, it has a solution. To make the mold disappear from the frame, you must prepare a different mixture; Pour one part of bleach and three parts of water into a bucket, mix it, and with a cloth, pass it over the entire affected surface.

Window cleaning; Tricks to clean crystals.

Everyone knows the traditional window cleaning method in which a spray window cleaning product is used and removed with a cloth.; There are other types of homemade mixtures that you can apply, so that window cleaning is always perfect. Next, I explain several methods:

  • Glass cleaning with vinegar: To perform this remedy, you only need a bucket, white vinegar, and water. Pour one part of white vinegar into four parts of water into the bucket. To apply it on the glass surface, you can use a sponge soaked in the mixture or a sprayer that contains the vinegar with the water. To remove stains and make the finish perfect, work with a microfiber cloth quickly and you will avoid scratching the surface.
  • Cleaning windows with ammonia: Pour equal parts of water and ammonia into a bucket. Once the mixture is made, you can put it in a spray bottle and apply it to the window glass, or you can soak a sponge in the mixture and spray the window with the sponge. To remove dirt, wipe the surface where you applied the mixture with a cloth. Always work in the same direction to avoid leaving marks. Dry it with a microfiber cloth or newspaper.
  • Window cleaning with specific window cleaning products

Large glass window cleaning

Cleaning windows with large panes is perhaps the most impressive and most let go, however; It is not a complicated task, but we must do regularly it.

If you let time pass, your windows will stop looking like the first day and may even not let in the sun’s rays.

  • Use of strips: For cleaning large windows it is advisable to have glass cleaning strips as they will save us a lot of time and work.
  • Cleaning large windows: To clean large windows, you can use one mixture that I mentioned before or simply a specific glass cleaning product. Apply it to the glass surface using a sponge or a sprayer. Do not apply too much, as it may be difficult to lighten it later. Wait, a few seconds and pass a part of the surface with the ruler. Once you finish a part, rinse the strip with a damp cloth and continue with the rest of the surface.
  • Tricks for finishing glass cleaning: Avoid using rags as they can leave a trace of lint. For a perfect finish, it is best to use chamois or a newspaper. We do not recommend it to use kitchen paper to dry the surface or rub excessively.

Exterior window cleaning

The exterior crystals are the ones that accumulate the most dirt and, for this reason, their correct cleaning is so important.

If you want to avoid the use of a glass cleaning product, you can make your homemade mixture for cleaning exterior windows. In a bucket or bucket, pour dishwashing soap and water. Once the mixture is prepared, use a sponge to spray the glass surface. After a few seconds, remove the product with a glass cleaning strip.

Window cleaning in Sydney: SCS Group 

Proper window cleaning is possible, however; sometimes we do not have the time to do a cleaning, and what is even more important; is periodic maintenance. For this reason, sometimes, and especially if we talk about office cleaning. It is convenient to leave these tasks to professional cleaning companies that take care of even the smallest detail so that everything is perfect.

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