The Best Bollywood Animation Movies You Can Watch

The best Bollywoodanimation is out of the box, and it’s more than just a cartoon. These movies are a perfect example of this — not only do they have great story-telling and great sets, but they also have fantastic music as well. And that’s often even more important than the content itself. If you can find good Bollywood movies, you should check them out — they’re some of the best you can watch. Here is our list of the best Bollywood animation movies you can watch, both in the theater and on your computer screen:
What to Watch If You’re in an Anime mood:

Aimee Allehart’s The Angel of Retreat is a classic Bollywood movie and what we love most about it is its combination of fantasy, reality, and humor. The characters are so well-realized that it feels as if you’re actually in the India of the 1980s, and not in a “Twilight” series. It follows the life of a young couple, who are drawn into an ancient and powerful magical art form that has been passed down for millennia. While it might be too much to tackle in one post, the trailers and the official website encourage you to check this one out.

Party Favoritts:

The first movie on this list is the classic party movie Bollywood has always loved — yes, that’s Lady Gaga in the lead — Shafaan. As the title indicates, this is a comedy film, so don’t expect to be in stitches the whole time — but its charming, silly costumes and slapstick humor will definitely keep your attention for the duration of its runtime. Part of what makes Shafaan so great is its combination of humour and fantasy — the storyline is intertwined with elements of science fiction.

The Adventures of Kukrej (2014)

This is one of the few Bollywood and contemporary superhero movies that actually has some serious messages to impart. Yes, its heroes are not the most powerful beings in the universe, but they are individuals who are nonetheless striving to do something meaningful during their lives. The rest of the cast is pretty good, but the director is what sets this movie apart. Kukrej ( Pun Pun) is a Gujarati language film with a gypsy sensibility that perfectly incorporates fantasy, science fiction, and reality to create an atmosphere that’s both charming and scary. The characters are all very well drawn, and the story is simple but compelling — we promise you, you’ll want to see this movie for the same reason we do: to have a good time.

Shafaan (2016)

This is another comedy, but one that is not associated with any type of fantasy or mysticism. In Shafaan, Punpun (the king of Punjabi folktales) comes to life as a famousactor and his team play an incredibly silly game of tag with beautiful photosynthetic actresses. The film is full of light-hearted fun, and its charm and authenticity come from its lack of fantasy elements. While this one does have some heart, its charm is mostly in its sillyness and its refusal to commit to any true direction.

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