User-Generated Content Marketing: Why You Need It

The concept of user-generated content marketing is one that has only recently gained traction in the field of marketing. Because of the proliferation of social media, individuals from every corner of the globe are now able to make their voices heard by people all over the world. They may even use their voices to generate user-generated content that is beneficial to your brand occasionally.

We’ll explain user-generated content marketing today and how it functions. Let’s get going.

Let’s first clarify our definitions.

Anything your customers create about your brand is known as user-generated content (UGC). Videos, blogs, Tweets, reviews, and other content are all examples of that “anything.” Customers can use their content to enter a contest but they shouldn’t be paid for their creations.

Utilizing that user-generated content in your own communications strategy on your own digital channels is known as user-generated content marketing. In essence, you incorporate their works into the content you post on your website, in your advertisements, and on social media.

Where, however, can you locate user-generated content? You need to look for it. Customers will occasionally tag you in their posts, which will simplify things. Other times, you’ll need to conduct a hashtag search or some basic internet research.

You must request something if it doesn’t already exist. That entails holding a competition, providing a giveaway, or merely inviting individuals directly to spread their message.

UGC can be incorporated into routine marketing communications or a specific campaign strategy. We’ll discuss both types of examples as we go over the justifications for using user-generated content marketing.


Reason #1: Authenticity is important to people.

Ah, genuineness. This idea is discussed by marketing nerds so frequently that we almost begin to take it for granted. Authenticity is still crucial, so don’t let it become just a trendy word. incredibly crucial, crucial, crucial.

Research consistently demonstrates that modern consumers rank authenticity as one of the most crucial considerations when selecting a brand. Customer perceptions are greatly influenced by user-generated content because it is by definition authentic.


What kind of content has a significant impact on your decision to buy?

Many people don’t take polished advertisements and marketing campaigns seriously. However, many people do value criticism and reviews from peers who offer their unvarnished opinions without reward.

UGC won’t always be the most well-produced or polished content available.

These imperfections, however, are just a sign of authenticity; they show that a real person is sharing views rather than ones that have been polished to fit a perfect corporate identity. That is sincerity.


Reason #2: It Demonstrates Your Receptivity To Dialogue.

Consumers want brands to pay attention. No matter your campaign strategy, it’s critical to engage with customers.

You ought to be responding to reviews, addressing inquiries, and accepting criticism in any case. By doing it within the framework of user-generated content marketing, you simply strengthen your relationship with customers. Being receptive to criticism and eager to recognize your customers is difficult, but it has great power.

Just a reminder: seek permission before sharing user-generated content on your own channels. It’s a pleasant way to connect with a customer, and it’s also just the right thing to do.


Starbucks’ story of success

Starbucks started holding its White Cup Contest back in 2014. The requirements were straightforward: simply draw a design on a white Starbucks cup, snap a photo of it, and submit it.

In just three weeks, Starbucks received over 4,000 entries. An official, limited edition cup featured the winning design. This competition gave Starbucks a chance to share customer opinions while also encouraging UGC. Considerably brilliant, in our opinion.


Reason #3:  User-Generated Content Fosters The Growth Of A Devoted Community.

UGC creators are already familiar with and devoted to your brand. They are endorsing you to everyone in the circles of your devoted customers when they promote your brand online without receiving payment.

Consider this: where do prospective customers look to find recommendations and word-of-mouth reviews? They frequently turn to their local area first.

A community can be a group of people who love the same things that you do in your family, with your friends, or even online. We have faith in the assets of our neighborhood. In actuality, 92% of consumers believe that brand recommendations from friends and family are reliable.

This one doesn’t require an example because you can use an example from your own life. Just recall a time when you or a friend asked for product recommendations on Facebook or Twitter. The power of user-generated content amplifies the power of word-of-mouth marketing.


Reason #4: It Relieves You Of Some Of The Work.

The collection and organization of content generated by users require fewer resources than the creation of original content from scratch. When you use user-generated content, you won’t need to spend money on actors or equipment, nor will you need to spend hours thinking of ideas and developing content. That might be a huge blessing for your budget, which is already pretty tight.

However, you can’t just rely on your customer base for everything. urging clients to post their own content? selecting what you discover? Really posting it to your company’s social media channels? To fully utilize your customer’s messages, you still have work to do in all of these areas.


Adobe Success Story

Adobe focuses on developing the tools people use to produce amazing things. But do they really need to spend time creating original artwork to showcase their goods? No, they can only showcase the amazing things their users create with their software.

There is a ton of user-generated content on Adobe’s Instagram. The use of hashtags like #AdobePerspective and #CreateYourStory is encouraged by Adobe. This is a fantastic way to incorporate UGC into your daily social media feeds and a fantastic way to demonstrate the capabilities of your product.

According to a video production company near me, user-generated content marketing works best in conjunction with other initiatives, such as YouTube marketing, a robust social media following, and a professionally designed website to house all of your wonderful content. (Hint: for that last one, we can assist you.)


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