How to Protect Your Masonic Ring

Good quality Masonic rings don’t come cheap, so you should protect your ring to look good and last for a long time. How do you protect your Masonic ring? Here is how to go about it:

Take it off when working out.

As much as working out is great as it keeps you healthy, it can ruin your ring when you handle the barbells and dumbbells with bare hands.

To protect your ring, take it off every time you are heading to the gym.

Always remove your ring when engaging in any strenuous activities.

Doing this protects the ring from nicks and other forms of damage that would damage the ring’s look.

Resize your ring a maximum of one time

It’s normal to gain and lose weight with time, and when this happens, the size of your hands change.

When your ring can no longer fit you because it’s too big or too small most people rush to the jeweler and resize it.

Nothing is wrong with this, but you should be cautious when doing it, as doing it more than once ends up making the ring too weak and too prone to damage.

When you resize the ring, you find out that you can no longer wear it, retire it—don’t try to resize it the second time.

Keep the ring clean.

Cleaning the ring leaves it sparkling and removes bacteria and other harmful materials that can damage it.

The cool thing is that it’s easy to clean the ring as all you need is mild soap, water, and a soft toothbrush that will get under the stone and remove any materials there.

If you have a diamond ring, soak it in equal parts ammonia and cold water for about half an hour. You should note that ammonia can damage other stones, so only use it on diamond rings.

You can always clean your ring at home, but if you want it cleaned by a professional, take it to an experienced jeweler. The beauty is that most jewelers will clean the ring for free.

Regularly inspect the prongs on your ring settings.

Due to regular wear, it’s common for the prongs on your ring setting to get loose, leading to the stone’s loss. You don’t want this, do you?

To avoid losing the precious stone, make it a habit to see your jeweler for resetting at least once a year—the same way you see your dentist.

Be ultra-cautious when swimming.

Besides the risk of the ring getting damaged by the chlorinated water, there is also the risk of your fingers shrinking due to the cold water. This increases the chances of the ring slipping and getting lost as you splash around the pool.

To protect your ring, you should remove it before entering the pool. You can also tighten it with a band or other material, preventing it from coming off your finger.

Store the ring correctly.

Finally, you should store the ring correctly to protect it from damage. Store the ring in a secure place immediately after removing it.

Never leave it on an edge where it can easily fall off or slide and get damaged.

If you often remove your ring, have an immobile safe where you store it. You can also use a special hiding spot.

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