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A complete guide to kedartal – Experience the best



Kedartal trek is a popular and adventurous trek in Uttarakhand. This trek is for those who have done himalayan treks. Kedartal trek is one of the most difficult treks which gives you a truly magical experience in return. Kedartal trek enables you to break your standard of living and enjoy happy and vibrant lives by escaping the time from usual life.

It  climbs the glacier kedartal lake and big mountains,sitting amid a cauldron. This trek is one of those treks which brings you so close to mountains and allows you to spend much time in their proximity.

This extremely remote trek is solitude when we compare this trek with most of other unfortunately crowded trails in Uttrakhand, is a blessing. Kedartal trek is the most challenging treks which starts at around 11000ft.and climb over an altitude of 16000ft.it takes around 4 days to climb over steep ascent and descent tricky terrain. Let’s talk about this trek in detail and the complete guide about Kedartak trek.




Kedartal trek commences from Gangotri and takes around 25 km to reach there. Ganga river originates from Gangotri which is known as Bhagirathi here. As per mythology goddess Ganga descended from the locks of Lord shiva and formed this mighty river. If we consider your journey starts from Delhi/NCR. You need to reach Dehradun first to start this trek.

After reaching Dehradun this journey will move towards Gangotri which is approximately 250 km away which can be covered either by bus or taxi. It is recommended to make this two days journey. If you cover the journey in two days you can spend a night in Village on Harsil enroute to Gangotri. This village is  quaint little town surrounded by pine forest and snow-cladded




Kedartal trek can be attempted in two seasons. Summer is a popular time to do this trek as a big attraction in the early morning to find the Kedartal lake which remains frozen. This rare sight  will not be the same in the middle of huge mountains. In May month you will get a good amount of snow where you can find patches of snow before reaching Kedar Kharak.






First you need to reach Dehradun and after reaching Dehradun you have to move forward to Uttarkashi in the morning. It will take 5-6 hours and this journey will pass through Mussoorie and offer a stunning view. This journey will proceed towards Chinyalisaur where there is a gorgeous view of massive tehri Dam. After a short break you will move forward to Gangotri via Harsil. You may visit Gangotri national park and Surya kund. Overnight stay at hotel



Early in the morning, you need to climb towards Bhagirathi river. After a few kilometres this trek will involve steep climb this trial will open up to the forest of blue pine and bhoj trees.  After Traversing for a while you will get stunned by the sight of Thalay Sagar. During the trail towards Bhoj Kharak you need to cross carefully the steep slant rock amidst which having a little space between and forms like a wall. This is called spider wall. You need to be careful because a wrong move may drag you hundreds of feet below. After crossing that difficult section you will reach Bhoj kharak campsite at an elevation of 3780 metres.



On this day you have to start your journey early in the morning. After a 5 km trek you will pass through rugged terrains. After a couple of kilometres, you will witness the change in the scenery. You will also catch a glimpse of Manda peak also. As you come closer to Kedar Kharak the stunning view of Bhrigu path peak will amaze you. After crossing the wie valley this train proceed towards lower kedar Kharak at an elevator of 4100 metres.



After Breakfast, you will pass 5 km on the same trail towards Kedartal from Kedar kharak. If you are trekking in winters then you might have to trek on snow for a few kilometres before Kedartal. This terrain will cross the bubbling creek carrying the final ridge which will open up to the view of Kedar Bamak glacier. Very soon you will see the ravishing kedartal lake. On this lake you can see the mirror reflection of the towering thalay sagar peak on the still water of the lake. This trail takes you to Kedartal at an elevator of 4900 metres.


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