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Is it possible to paint composite wood decking?

Yes, it is the solution to your question. You may use nice latex paint to paint your composite wood decking. Our composite decking boards, unlike wood decking, do not require painting or staining. This is due to the fact that composite decking has a long-lasting color that will not fade. Our clients have inquired about the possibility of painting our composite wood decking. While it’s important to say yes, it’s also important to be cautious while painting.

Why isn't it a good idea to paint Composite Decking?

Why isn’t it a good idea to paint Composite Decking?

When you buy WPC decking, you’ll notice that the color of the surface is appealing. The appealing surface texture of composite wood decking allows you to build a contemporary garden in the rear of your home. Depending on the quality of composite wood decking you choose, it comes with a 15 or 25-year guarantee. The guarantee covers the color of your composite wood decking. As a result, if you paint your WPC decking, the guarantee will be voided. Before you begin painting your composite wood decking, you must take extreme caution.

When should you paint your Composite Decking?

how to paint your deck WPC decking does have an appealing surface texture that will stay for a long time. However, if the surface texture of your WPC decking is severely damaged, you may need to paint it. For example, if you or your children accidentally pull a heavy object across the surface of your WPC decking, scratches will result. If the scratches are too noticeable and damage the appearance of your decking’s surface, you may have no choice but to paint it.

Mold and mildew growth on your WPC decking surface is another reason you might need to paint it. Mold may ruin the wonderful color of your composite wood decking, and if the surface texture is harmed, you may need to paint it. If one of your WPC decking boards is damaged, you may need to repair it. It’s worth noting that the new board’s color will change somewhat from the previous board’s. If this is the case with your komposittrall, you may paint it to match the color.

Can I use any kind of paint on my composite decking?

Can I use any kind of paint on my composite decking?

There are several painting supplies available on the market. All of these painting mediums have advantages. However, you must pick a robust paint that will not scratch easily when painting your composite wood decking. When installing WPC decking outside, keep in mind that it will be subjected to a lot of foot activity. The best type of paint to use on composite wood decking is high-quality latex paint. Latex paint does not peel over time and does not scratch easily, so you won’t have to re-paint your decking. You may choose a gloss or satin finish paint to give your composite wood deckings a gleaming appearance. This type of paint can keep your WPC decking looking new for a longer time.

How to Paint Composite Decking 

Cleaning your composite wood deckings is the first step in applying paint to the surface. Everything must be removed off the surface of your WPC decking. Following that, wipe the decking with a towel and water to prepare the surface. You’ll need to travel to the store to get the composite wood deckings paint you’ll be using. For this project, you’ll need Dulux Interior Paint.

Note that eBygghandel does not recommend any particular paint, but as long as it is sturdy, you should be good. After you’ve purchased the paint, you’ll need to find a big container into which you’ll pour it, as well as a roller or brush. To make painting easier, attach a long pole to the roller. After that, apply the paint to your WPC decking surface with the roller, board by board, down the grain. Allow your composite wood decking to dry after applying the paint to your decking until you are happy.


Is it possible to paint composite wood decking? Yes, your WPC decking can be painted. However, unless the surface color is severely degraded, painting your WPC decking is not essential.

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