How to choose a community patio cleaning service?

The community patio cleaning service is of vital importance for the neighbors. In addition, this is one cause of great discussions in the community. For this reason, the community patio cleaning service is highly requested.

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The common areas of the buildings need different materials and cleaning techniques so that they have an impeccable finish. The best option for the floor of your patio to be shiny and unpolluted is to hire a company that has the best patio cleaning service.

In SCS Group Cleaning Solutions, we will help you find the best patio cleaning service in your community, and we will also explain what you must consider hiring it.

Aspects to consider when hiring a community patio cleaning service

1. Define the frequency of services

Establishing the time you want the patio cleaning service to be carried out is key. This is because it is not the same to hire a cleaning company to work every day, once a week, every month, or just twice a year.

To have a clean yard in your community, cleaning once or twice a week is recommended. However, as many more people pass through in this case, we recommend you request the cleaning service on a weekly basis.

If the cleaning is not done by a professional, but by people from the community itself, it is recommended that you hire a cleaning company to do a deep cleaning of the community areas at least twice a year.

2. Choose the best company

We recommend you select approximately five companies that you believe will provide you with quality service. To choose them, you can check the opinions of their customers, ask your acquaintances for recommendations and check their positioning on Google.

When you check their website, you can look at the experience that the company has, how it is within the sector, and, if possible, ask for a quote so that you can compare and stay with the one that provides you with everything you need at the best price and with best results.

At SCS Group, we offer you a patio cleaning service managed and executed by the best professionals in the sector, which translates into results worthy of an outstanding neighborhood community.

3. Request a quote

Once you have chosen the companies that offer you the most confidence, you can request a community cleaning quote. Here, you will know in more detail what the service is like, and if they offer you what you need to carry out a good job. We must specify the following in the budget:

➡ Materials

They should detail the materials that will be needed to carry out the cleaning of the patio. These will depend on the components that have been previously used to create your community patio. You can check the quality of the materials they offer you.

Remember, the quality of the cleaning supplies you use will affect the results of your yard cleaning. This is because if they use a poor quality product, they cannot adequately perform the comprehensive cleaning you requested, no matter how good the staff in charge is.

In cleaning, the good quality of the products is essential to achieve the desired results. Some materials that are likely to be implemented are pressure washers, bleach, bicarbonate of soda, ammonia, hoses, hard bristle brushes, brooms, dustpans, gloves, or goggles.

➡ Areas to clean

In the budget that they offer you,  look for the description of the space that the company is going to clean. Here, you will find the square meters that the patio cleaning service that you request has and, if it is necessary, to clean green areas in them. In addition, they will inform you of the difficulty, since the price could vary.

➡ Staff


It is very important that you know the number of people that the company will send to do the patio cleaning service. Frequently, they will also communicate the experience of the work team assigned to you.

In this aspect, you could also ask for the basic data of the people who will clean the communities in your building, in order to prevent strangers from entering.

➡ Number of hours

This is one of the most relevant points in relation to the patio cleaning service. And it is that the time invested by the work team that the company sends will be reflected in the final budget.

In the budget for home cleaning of community patios, an approximate number of hours will appear. This not only serves to determine the price of the cleaning, it will also help the community know when it is preferable not to travel through the area if they are using very strong cleaning products.

➡ Payment method

Another aspect that cannot be missing from your budget is the payment method. Here, the cleaning company will clarify what are the steps to follow and the chosen system.

In addition, this will allow you to know if you have any discount depending on the payment method, how often you must do it (monthly, annually, after each service, etc.), and if there are offers.

➡ Company data

There will be a small section in which you will know the basic contact information and location of the cleaning company with which you want to contact the service. Likewise, you will see other legal data, such as the cleaning company name ABN Number.

➡ Customer data

Your data will also be included. This will prevent things from happening when providing the service, such as: the work team not arriving at the right place because they had the wrong address. The budget is the perfect way to check that the data you have is correct.

Likewise, including the client’s data in the budget is a way of demonstrating that everything is directed solely to the needs of the patio floor of your community of neighbors, and not to other facilities.

➡ Date

The quote for the patio cleaning service will also include the date on which it was issued and the date of transfer or renewal, to ensure that prices do not vary.

If you want professional help, contact usWe will advise you and give you a budget without any commitment.

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