How to hire a cleaning company in Sydney without making mistakes

Carrying out cleaning and maintenance tasks in our offices or our homes is becoming more and more of a headache.

Carrying out cleaning and maintenance tasks in our offices or our homes is becoming more and more of a headache. It is for them that cleaning companies have proliferated in recent years. Time is the most valuable thing we have, which is why more and more cleaning tasks are delegated to specialized companies, such as the SCS Group, your cleaning company in Sydney.

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But should I hire a cleaning company for my office?

If you have a company, the answer is yes. Cleaning your company with your own staff will always be more expensive than hiring a cleaning company in Sydney. A specialized cleaning company will clean your office in less time than your own employee, improving the quality of cleaning and performance of your business.

Also, when we talk about industrial facilities, factories, or restaurants, a cleaning company with a more technical profile is required. It is necessary to comply with the regulations and sometimes the workers of the companies themselves are not trained to carry out the cleaning and maintenance of their own facilities.

For this reason, today we want to tell you about the steps that should be followed to hire a cleaning company in Sydney without making a mistake.

Be clear about what you need to hire. In order to receive a budget adjusted to reality, it is necessary to know what service is the one that should be performed. For this, we must carry an analysis of the cleaning service to be hired out. Write the functions that you are going to delegate and value only the cleaning companies that can meet the needs.

Of course, with everything in order. To avoid frights and sanctions, make sure that the company complies with the legislation. That its workers are registered with social security and it has Civil Liability insurance that can deal with accidents or damage during the development of its service.

Find out about the products they use. Ask what products you used to clean. When there are people with allergies, pets, or children, using an inappropriate product can affect their health. Also, find out if you have the option to buy the products yourself, so you will always choose the one that best suits you.

Request multiple quotes. The best way to get it right is to compare. Request several quotes from different suppliers to find out if what you are hiring is at market price as far as a cleaning company is concerned.

Do not trust only the price. Sometimes cheap is expensive, so you should not only look at the price of the cleaning company. Check their opinions on the network, ask work colleagues or suppliers, ask the company itself who their clients are, and try to inform you about the assessment they make of them.

Ask about the guarantee. At SCS Group, we guarantee our work in writing. When we carry out a punctual job, the client must be satisfied or the job will not be considered finished. With continuous work, we are always available to resolve any incidents that may arise.

Remember that you will become a new co-worker. Your cleaning company will not be a supplier, it will be another co-worker. At SCS Group, we will take the cleaning and maintenance of your company as if it were our own. Continuous work nurtures a professional relationship with the sole aim of making your workers, clients, and suppliers feel comfortable in the workspace.

Now we know some tips when hiring a cleaning service for our company, it is important to take them into account during selecting the cleaning company.

Frequently, companies are not clear about how many hours of cleaning to hire, which is why at SCS Group we have a specialized department in which we will carry out a study without the commitment of the cleaning hours so that your company is in optimal conditions.

If you are looking for a cleaning company in Sydney, you can request a quote without obligation by filling out our web form and one of our colleagues will contact you as soon as possible.

Start enjoying your free time and improving the lives of your employees, suppliers, and customers with a correct cleaning and maintenance service in Sydney for your facilities.


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