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Top 8 SEO Hacks to Rank Your Page on Google

SEO Hacks to Rank Your Page

It’s a dream for every online business owner to have a thumping digital presence of their brand or website. Here, SEO plays an essential role in achieving that for your online business and brand. This is where the consultation of the best SEO Company and choosing their best SEO packages in India for your website is a must. Because you will not be able to reach the peak of your business as your competitors do without the help of the best SEO service. Here in this blog, I present to you the top 8 SEO hacks that will assist in ranking your page on Google. 

Just knowing the term SEO or its basic concepts, it is not that you can master SEO on your own for your online business and website. Therefore, hiring the best SEO services and a tailor-made SEO package that is apt for your business is a need of the hour.     

In today’s competitive world, online visibility is essential for business. No matter how good your business or product is, our website is well-designed and responsive. It is a waste if no one knows about you? This is where Digital Marketing comes in handy for you, as they help you establish your online presence and awareness about your business. In this way, your potential audience comes to know about your business; hence you see engagement with enhancement.

Therefore, SEO is an essential element for any business that desires to perform better and enhance its business more and more. So, to have favorable rankings, an SEO service agency leaves no stone unturned to lead your brand in the industry via several digital platforms.  

Thereby, let us discover the top 8 SEO hacks to rank your page on Google:

  1. Quality Content
  2. Optimize for Local Research
  3. Enhance Your Website User Experience
  4. Improve Page Speed to Increase Conversion Rates
  5. Fix Broken Links
  6. Optimize Google Voice Searches
  7. Featured Snippet
  8. Long-Tail Keywords

#Quality Content

Content determines to enhance traffic and boost Google Search Rank. If you are writing super quality content with 100% uniqueness, if the visitors stay on your webpage for, let’s say, 30 seconds or a minute. If they are proceeding further to your subpages, then the possibility of a better page ranking and website visibility is high for you. Ensure the utility of your keywords is perfect while writing the piece and that it is written focusing on the potential audience. Emphasis on quality rather than quantity, and make sure you only produce original, high-quality content. 

#Optimize for Local Research

SEO has become an essential part of marketing campaigns for businesses globally. Several SEO agencies have been penalized for not accepting up-to-date SEO algorithms. Thus, the website’s optimization should be carried out perfectly without hindering or overcoming the SEO algorithms set by Google. Hence, to avoid this unnecessary penalization, it is worth outsourcing the best SEO company that can work with you, concentrate on your business’s local efforts and helps you in reaching your goal. So, before kick starting your journey with Google, make sure you provide as much information the hired SEO agency seeks about your company. Hence, they can develop the best SEO strategies and tactics that keep your business ahead of its competitors.

Setting up a Google page to tackle your own local SEO and forgetting to complete the verification process will likely leave you not availing of the results you are looking for. Verify your phone, address, and website details, ensuring Google picks you up in the right area with every local search. Customers’ reviews on your page and regularly interacting with clients will also assist boost in your brand visibility.

#Enhance Your Website User Experience 

If you want to get to the top of rankings, you need to emphasis on this four major factors- website users, time spent on website, page views per session, and bounce rate. To enhance these four factors, you require doing the following:

  • Utility of white space cautiously in a perfect way that the content is more readable
  • Enhance website page speed
  • Use compelling CTAs 
  • Usage of bullet points highlighting the prominent features of your products
  • Usage of attractive and mindful images
  • Imposing headlines or H1 tag
  • Website mobile and desktop responsiveness

#Improve Page Speed to Increase Conversion Rates

According to our analysis at JeewanGarg, faster landing pages improve conversion rates along with user engagement. Hence, if your website speed is low, then there is a high risk your website ranking will go down as more visitors will bounce faster. Thus, the loading speed of your webpage plays a vital role when it comes to ranking your website higher on any search engine results. 

It is human nature that with the improvement in technology, the patience levels and the attention period decrease dramatically. Today people globally expect to find information within some fraction of seconds; hence to draw maximum visitors, the loading speed of your webpage needs to be at least 90+.    

#Fix Broken Links

Fix your broken links to acquire more visitors. If your website has quality links, then the web site’s traffic will go high as it sets the authority of your website. However, if your links are not working, it can upset all your hard work. There are two ways in which broken links can harm your website:

  1. They will harm your organic SEO rankings
  2. They create the bad user experience

If your website displays errors such as 404 or others, they simply harm your website. Thus, look to fix this issue as soon as possible. Fix these issues soon by using Google Analytics and Search Console to analyze where you are going wrong and take appropriate action on that error page.

#Optimize Google Voice Searches

Throughout the long term, voice-enacted innovation has become considerably more precise and liked by a human. Each individual needs moment results while looking for something on the web. While composing a question into a search bar is fast, talking into your gadget and obtaining similar results is faster. On a normal, you can type around 40 words each moment and express around 150 words each moment. Consumers are, as of now, utilizing it to observe what they are searching for. Presently, in such a manner, your mobile page load time matters. 

The typical spoken query items page loads two times as quickly as a website page, so you’ll need to keep up if you have any desire to get seen through a voice search. Google additionally incorporates page speed as a positioning element, so faster is better all the time.

#Featured Snippet

Whenever a client poses any inquiry in the Google web search tool, most of the time shows valuable content from an associated website in the form of a special featured snippet or an answer box over the #1search result. This is an extraordinary method for expanding traffic, helping validity, and incrementing the visibility of your image. In the event that you can convey the elucidating answer that is reasonable or client discernible, then you can, without much of a stretch, accomplish the #1 status. As it turns out to be increasingly normal, Google utilizes the featured snippet or “position zero” result for its “one genuine response” reaction to voice look.

 #Long- Tail Keywords

If you want high traffic on your website, usage of long-tail keywords is really going to help you. Usage of long-tail keywords defines the answer to client queries! Such keywords are longer and more specific expressions that visitors are closer to the point of purchase or when they are using voice search. If you have an online business and search for an ‘SEO expert’, then the search engine will display several results; however, if you type ‘SEO expert near me, you are likely to find the most narrowed down results. This is where long-tail keywords complete –finding results for your particular queries.


With advanced and up-to-date Google algorithms and other updates, keeping your SEO in check is significant. Whether you have a created website or are going to create one, keep these SEO hacks handy to obtain the utmost results. From quality content to long-tail keywords and voice search to quality backlinks, Google is getting keener, so your SEO strategies and tactics should be. These are the perfect SEO hacks to follow to enhance your website’s ranking on Google Search Engines.

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