Firestick Remote Issues With Smart Tv

A device remote that doesn’t work is the most frustrating thing. We have some troubleshooting tips to help you if your Amazon Fire TV Stick remote doesn’t work.

Make sure your remote has enough battery life

If your remote stops working, you should first check its batteries.

You may have a problem with the batteries or they are not properly inserted. If this happens, take the batteries out of the remote and replace them. Try replacing the old batteries to see if it helps.

The above will resolve most battery-related problems with your Fire TV Stick remote. It’s possible that a loose contact exists. iFixit offers a guide for repairing it. If battery problems remain same then your firestick won’t turn on also.

Get your remote closer to your Fire TV Stick

Your Fire TV Stick’s remote uses Bluetooth connectivity. This means that it can be used over a range of 30 metres. This range must be within reach of your smart TV and remote. Bring the remote and TV closer together to check if they work.

Also, make sure there are no obstacles between your TV remote and your television. Remove any obstacles in the way of your TV and remote. After that, your remote will operate.

Pair Your Remote With Your Fire TV Stick

Your Fire TV Stick remote may not work if it hasn’t been paired with your Stick. It’s common for new remotes to not work, but it could also be that your existing remote was not paired.

It’s simple to pair your Stick with a remote. First, turn on the Fire TV Stick. Next, bring your remote to the TV.

For approximately ten seconds, hold the Home button down on the remote you wish to pair.

You can pair your remote with your Stick and use it for all your actions.

Repair a Damaged Fire TV Stick Remote

Your remote may not be working if it is still broken. The remote may appear fine from the outside but may not work inside.

You can either repair the remote or order a new remote online from retailers such as Amazon.

Make sure that you correctly pair your new remote with your Stick if you decide to purchase one. You can control the functions of your Stick while you wait for your new remote to arrive by using the Amazon Fire TV App on your iPhone/Android phone.

Reset remote

You can reset the remote if unpairing it doesn’t work. This will not only reset the connection but also restart the remote’s internal software.

You will need to reset the remote depending on which remote you have. For more information, please refer to our guide to how to reset your Firestick remote. You will need to hold down certain buttons and unplug your Firestick’s power source.

Due to reset remote Amazon Fire Stick Not Loading Home also removed instantly.

Reset your Firestick

Although most issues with connection are caused by the remote, there is always the possibility that the problem is actually the Firestick. You can factory reset your Firestick if none of these steps work.

Factory reset the Firestick will wipe all data and return it to the condition it was when you purchased it. This will mean that your apps will need to be re-downloaded and you will have to log in again. This is a tedious, but effective way to resolve issues.

You will need at least one remote capable of connecting for this task, even if it is the virtual remote from the Fire TV smartphone application.

  1. Open the Settings menu of your Firestick, and choose My Fire TV.
  2. Scroll down, select Reset Factory Defaults, and then confirm your selection.

Allow the device to reset for a few moments. After it is reset, you can set it up as new.

This is how to fix common problems with your Fire TV Stick remote. We hope that your remote works again!



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