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Learn How to Split iPhone Contacts | Justified Way

How Can I Split iPhone Contacts | Expert Suggested Solution

Here in this solution, we talk about the solution where we talk about the query and try to provide the best possible way to tackle this type of query how to split iPhone contacts. You will get a complete solution related to this query, in this guide you will see the manual and the automated procedure for every user you can select the technique as per your demand. 

iPhone contacts support the vCard format, as we all know that the vCard is a fully compatible file format where it can support multiple numbers of email clients and applications. On the other hand, iPhone is also a device that everyone wants, due to the popularity of both of them, there is a number of user searches related to the same query. 

This should be a huge reason behind splitting contacts and there are some others reasons also which are responsible for the same query also. But there is one piece of bad news for the users, who are searching for the free method. Because there is no manual solution for this query, but no need to worry below we mentioned the best software for this query which cost very low in the process. So., let’s move straight to the mentioned automated solution. 

Main Reasons Behind the Process of Splitting iPhone Contacts 

As we told you that contacts play such an important role in our daily, professional, and business life. It’s personal information like number, name, email, company name, and much more. If somehow, you have multiple numbers of contacts in your contact list, so now you have to split your iPhone contacts.   

Trustworthy Procedure to Separate iPhone VCF Files 

As we told you above, there is no manual solution available in the market to split iPhone contacts. But we are here with the Best vCard Split & Merge Tool, to tackle all the scenarios related to the query to split iPhone contacts. Any user can opt for this solution there is no technical knowledge required. 

This software has a very user-friendly interface, technical or non-technical both users can go easily with this software. To know more about it like working, the interface, etc. we also bring you the demo version of this software. Which helps you to know about its features, working and all. If you are an iPhone user it means you are rich, so rich people do not compromise safety, it is a must recommendation for iPhone users. 

Working on the Software 

In this section, you will see which tool we are talking about and how it’s worked. We mentioned and describe each step one by one which helps you to proceed with this solution easily. 

  • First thing first, Download the software into your device and Install it. 

add file folder option

  • Go to the Browse option to search for the file which you want to split. 

Browse option

  • Now, click on the Export button which is mentioned on your top left. 

Export button option

  • After this, select the option that you want to Merge or you want to Split the VCF files. 

split option

  • Now, in the end, click on the Export button to complete the task. 

hit export to end the process

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That’s It Guys, this is the end of this blog, as per our promise we provide you with the best tool. The best procedure which helps you to split iPhone contacts easily. We give our best to provide you with the best because, we know that the iPhone user does not compromise with the quality of anything. Go check out the software also run the demo version to understand the software better. 

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