Buy Riot Gift Cards in India—A Quick and Secure Way to Redeem Riot Points

Riot Games is one of the most popular game developers, and at present, its games such as Arcane, Players, Valorant, and many others are becoming favourites among online video game players.

Although some of these games are free, they still require points to purchase various items that are useful while gaming, like chromas, champions, Hextech crafting materials, ward skins, emotes, event passes, eternals, rune pages, experience boosts, and others.

So, today’s article is dedicated to those Riot Games fans that are looking to find ways to purchase Riot points without much hassle.

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What are Riot Gift Cards?

Riot gift cards can be used to earn points for your Riot Games accounts. They work like an in-game currency that is used for shopping on the Riot Games platform.

These vouchers are the safest way to get Riot points because they don’t require you to fill in the bank details on the Riot platform.

They work as a prepaid top-up of Riot points to make shopping easy.

However, they can only be used on the Riot platform and have no value outside of the platform, which means that when you buy a voucher, you redeem it on the Riot Games platform and use it only there.

How to Buy Riot Vouchers or Cards?

Before we talk about redeeming the card, you need to first ensure that your card is valid in your region. Second, what type of card do you have–is it only game-specific or is it multi-game use?

To make sure your card is valid before the purchase, check the description of its use. For example, the website may have instructions on which countries this card supports. Moreover, to make your shopping easier, search with your country’s name, for example, “Riot gift card india“.

Now, to check the card type, if your card is multi-game, then in the description of the product, the website will specify it. The website will let you know that the card can be redeemed in multiple games such as League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and in League of Runeterra as well.

However, if your card is game-specific, it can only be redeemed in a single game as specified by the merchant.

How to Redeem?

The redemption process of Riot gift cards is easy. Just follow the given steps below.

  1. Log in to your Riot Games account where you want to redeem the card. (Valorant, LoL, etc.).
  2. The next step is different for all Riot games:
  • For Valorant, in the top right corner, select the “VALORANT” icon. Now select “Prepaid Cards & Codes” and enter the code in the box, then click Submit.
  • For LoL and Teamfight Tactics, visit the store and click on “Purchase RP.” Now, click “Prepaid Cards” and fill in the code, then click “Submit.”
  • For Legends of Runeterra, visit the store and click the “+” icon. Choose the “Prepaid Cards” option and fill in the code details.

You must have successfully redeemed your points by now.

Problems that Can Occur While Redeeming the Code

You may face various situations, such as:

Invalid code

If this happens, make sure you are not using any space while typing the code. For example, instead of typing xxx yyy zzz, type xxxyyyzzz. The platform itself will identify where the spaces are need to be.

The Voucher Has Already Been Used

This shouldn’t happen to you if you’ve just bought the voucher. If it happens, Deneme bonusu veren siteler, özellikle yeni oyuncuların ilgisini çeken ve onları siteye çekmeyi amaçlayan promosyonları içerir. Bu tür siteler, kullanıcıların siteyi risk almadan deneyimlemelerini sağlayarak, onlara gerçek para yatırma işlemi yapmadan önce oyunları test etme fırsatı sunar. Genellikle, bu bonuslar yalnızca yeni üyelere sunulur ve belirli oyunlar veya bahis türleri için geçerlidir.then you need to make a complaint directly to the merchant site. Or if someone has gifted it to you, then check to see if they’ve used the card before.

Exceeded Number of Redemptions

If you see a notification like this, then you need to wait for 24 hours before you redeem another voucher.


Riot Games’ active users are increasing surprisingly every year. Because of this, many online merchants are identifying the opportunities and offering Riot Point codes with discounts and cashbacks.

Indian Riot players can visit one such merchant website, Gamers Gift, to get their cashback and discount easily.

When you visit the website, search for “Riot points gift card valorant” and you’ll see a list of many Riot vouchers that you can buy right away.

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