How to Transform Your LinkedIn Presence So It’s Not Just a Resume

If you’re like me, LinkedIn is a place to focus on your professional revel in and achievements. I maintain a polished profile with endorsements and guidelines. I submit articles and posts, and comment while others tag me. For the maximum element, I sit down lower back and look ahead to human beings to find me.

Michaela Alexis thinks bigger. LinkedIn is an area for her to face out in front of an target market of 600 million commercial enterprise specialists. It is a multimedia publishing platform to help her attain enterprise desires – new jobs, customers, opportunities. It has paid off.

A few years in the past, Michaela changed into laid off from a activity and have become greater active on LinkedIn. Shortly thereafter she turned into employed because the marketing manager for Grade A, a managed era assist and offerings company.

She shared what she learned in an editorial published appropriately sufficient on LinkedIn – How I Landed My Dream Job in Two Weeks on LinkedIn. The 2016 article went viral (over 1,000 feedback as of May 2020). She created greater articles, posts, and motion pictures for LinkedIn. Before lengthy, she grew a huge following and left that dream task to launch a commercial enterprise focused on supporting companies and specialists elevate their LinkedIn presence.

At Content Marketing World 2019, she presented what she’s learned in How to Build a Mega Personal Brand on LinkedIn on a Mini Budget. Let’s take a look at a number of the classes she shared.

3 pillars to LinkedIn success

Michaela wrote the dream process article quick. “I used all these stupid memes and it become absolutely unpolished. But I had stumbled upon something in reality crucial – my aha moment that became going to steer me to construct something bigger than myself.”

Her aha moment befell when she realized the 3 attributes that made the item a success. The thing become:

  1. Relatable
  2. Conversational
  3. Helpful

“People need to be stimulated and stimulated. They need to study and develop. They need to connect and speak not unusual demanding situations and problems,” Michaela says.

To be relatable on LinkedIn, in no way begin with what you realize, begin with who you’re. “Only after your fans apprehend who you are ought to you move directly to discussing the things you understand,” she says.

To be conversational, think about the language to your posts and the act of fostering conversations. Michaela shares how she banded with a few buddies to create a campaign referred to as Let’s Get Honest (#letsgethonest). They requested LinkedIn customers to record quick movies to share a challenge or vulnerability they overcame in their profession. Over 26 million customers participated inside the campaign.

To be helpful, proportion content material and resources that could answer questions or cope with challenges for customers. It also can mean lending a hand to help a person in need.

On her Michaela Alexis organisation page, I noticed a current put up that has all 3 attributes: relatable, conversational, and beneficial:

Tell humans what to do

While I’ve in no way been a fan of tweets that say, “Please RT” because I determine on my own whether to retweet, it’s a good instance of communicating what you want your target market to do. Those two “phrases” spur people to motion.

On LinkedIn, Michaela finds each sorts of customers – the ones encouraged to act unassisted and those who want to be told explicitly. “If you want to be a leader, you want to steer people to that next step. I used to avoid this out of fear of coming across as too salesy, however it virtually didn’t gain my audience. So, I add a name to motion to the entirety that I do,” Michaela says.

Try it your self: Share one article to your page each weekday. Alternate between which includes no name to movement and an explicit CTA. After a few weeks, evaluate the click-through price inside the posts (this tip applies to folks that manage Company Pages). Did the specific CTAs have an impact on the clicking-thru prices?

Find your Tickle Trunk

In a Canadian children’s TV series, Mr. Dressup, costumes had been stored in the Tickle Trunk. The name individual might retrieve a fancy dress from the trunk and play the related function. “I suppose that everybody must have a Tickle Trunk, even supposing it’s not a bodily box. It’s simply matters that your audience can accomplice to perceive you with,” says Michaela.

A key object in her Tickle Trunk is a espresso mug. One of her first LinkedIn profile photographs confirmed her with a mug. Soon, the mug became tied together with her identification. If she posted a photo with out it, humans would ask, “What took place to the espresso mug?”

Michaela says she opted to go along with the usage of the mug for a pair reasons: “I clearly love coffee, so it works for me to be part of my personal brand. But greater than that, I surely, honestly love the idea of professionals associating their morning mug with my mug.”

To reinforce the association, Michaela signs her LinkedIn posts with: “Love and espresso, Michaela.”

Are you currently thinking what object you may use? Michaela says it doesn’t ought to be outrageous. Select an item(s) that makes you approachable and reminds people that you’re human.

Try it your self: Joe Pulizzi and orange-coloured outfits, Ann Handley and patterned suits and clothes, Scott Monty and bowties, Jay Baer and plaid fits. Perhaps begin with a clothing object. What do you regularly put on that would serve as your Tickle Trunk? Make certain someone else for your industry isn’t already acknowledged for it.

Let customers see themselves in your memories

When Michaela reads a remark, “I feel like you wrote this just for me,” she knows she’s doing things proper. Though while she first used LinkedIn she noticed limited “likes” and feedback, she subsequently had a lightbulb second and identified the easy however prevailing components: what took place + why it matters.

When Michaela carried out this method, engagement together with her posts took off. If she shares a success, she describes the reason in the back of the fulfillment. If she stocks a failure, she explains a way to keep away from the equal fate.

Try it your self: Think about a work-related achievement or failure in the past three hundred and sixty five days. In a LinkedIn submit, share a quick precis of what took place. Next, discuss why it matters on your LinkedIn connections. Include associated advice or training learned. A few days later, verify. What became the response?

Mind the algorithm

Let’s face it, the LinkedIn algorithm determines the reach of your posts. Just like seek engine optimizers who maintain abreast of Google’s seek updates, LinkedIn users need to alter and adapt their strategies based on what (they suppose) LinkedIn is now seeking out.

As Michaela explains, LinkedIn currently changed its set of rules to exchange how posts are handled in your newsfeed:

  • Elevating content material users who’re most possibly to join in communication
  • Elevating posts from someone toward a user’s interests or community if it desires more engagement
  • Elevating conversations with matters that encourage a response or point out others
  • Elevating niche subjects of communique over broader topics
  • I determined a submit on LinkedIn’s Engineering that goes into technical information on current algorithm adjustments.

As Michaela explains: “LinkedIn isn’t simply looking at your content material, it’s searching at your conduct as a content writer. And this is surely important. It method that they are searching at how you are contributing to the LinkedIn ecosystem.”

Try it yourself: LinkedIn these days introduced a polls characteristic. Think approximately a topic or a query that might hobby your connections. Publish a poll and determine the extent of participation. Next, begin a communique on a “niched down” topic. Instead of “content advertising and marketing,” begin a dialog approximately “content advertising in the manufacturing industry.” Put a declaration or query to your submit, then ask others to weigh in.

Think out of doors the resume


Stop thinking about LinkedIn as a web resume. Sure, at a fundamental degree, humans come to find out about your current process, your beyond roles, and your enjoy. But that makes LinkedIn just any other platform to distribute your resume.

But if you suppose like Michaela and use LinkedIn as a multimedia publishing and personal branding platform, consider the larger possibilities.

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