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Advantages of Using Extension Cords for Your Home and Office

Extension cords make life easier. These electrical tools offer plenty of benefits and you can use them in many ways in your households or workspaces. You’ll get at least one extension cord in every house. However, if you are still wondering whether you should buy an extension power cord for your home or office, Lyter has got you covered. We manufacture and deliver the best extension cord in India. So keep reading to know the advantages of using extension power cords for your home or office.

Advantages of using extension cords for your home and office

Extension power cords are must-haves for any workspace or household. Here are some benefits of using extension cables:

  1. Makes electricity readily available for unreachable areas

    Extension power cords are really essential for places where people can not access power easily. There can be some buildings with insufficient power outlets. So extension cords are very useful for people residing there to operate all their electrical devices. These power cords ensure that electricity reaches all of the places. Also, in places where the socket is far from the user’s reach, its long cable helps him to access electricity well. Another big advantage is that you can power up multiple devices simultaneously. So none of your works are delayed because of the unavailability of power outlets.

  2. Keeps a place organized

    Too many cables scattered on the table or the floor always make the room look cluttered or disorderly. But an extension cord just vanishes this problem. You just need to connect the extension cable to the electric outlet on the wall and that’s it. You are ready to power up multiple devices simultaneously at the place of your choice. And your space also does not look untidy. If you wish to buy premium quality extension power cords or other electrical products online, visit Lyter.

  3. Lets you use multiple devices in one go

    We know how annoying it is to be wishing to use multiple devices simultaneously but unable to do so because of the unavailability of power outlets. However, with powerful extension electrical cords, you can use several electronics at the same time. So you don’t need to disconnect one to use the other like before. An extension cord has more than one power socket, so you can operate more devices easily as per your requirement. However, before connecting any high-voltage device, make sure to get a good extension cable to avoid electrical mishaps.

  4. Can work in all weather conditions

    Extension cords are generally insulated. So they are safer to use in most weather conditions like in winter or summer. The wire inside the cable is capable of taking high voltages than most circuit breakers allow, thereby ensuring its safe application with most gadgets. It also makes sure that there is no harm to the instruments. The cords are also flexible to be used in different locations, different structures, or huge stretching yards without any worry of corrosion or climate changes. They can easily handle complex devices and intensive applications, even in changing weather conditions, without being exhausted or catching fire. You can also use these cords in commercial applications like in professional research organizations and so on.

  5. Ensures safety

    Finally, extension power cords are barely noticeable, thereby minimizing the mess that can occur by multiple wires tangled on the floor. For houses with a large number of members, especially children, these cords are very instrumental. They reduce the risk of stumbling over scattered cables. Hence, investing in extension power cords will ensure safety and convenience for everyone. And you can buy the best extension cord in India at Lyter.

  6. Saves money

    Extension power cords are cost-effective and money-saving. They require zero maintenance, all you need is to use the right kind of appliances to power up. You just have to purchase the cord and you are all set to eliminate the hassle of unnecessary installations of new power sockets.

Some do’s and don’ts of using an extension cord

To avoid power mishaps, here are some practical tips:

  • Always buy a three-prong extension cord to reduce the risk of shocks and electric fires
  • Notice the amperage capacity before you load your extension power cord and avoid overloading them.
  • Avoid connecting delicate appliances to standard extension cords to keep them from getting damaged.
  • Pick the kind of extension cord that meets your unique needs to ensure it lasts long.
  • Always buy cords that are approved by authorized third-party testing entities.
  • Avoid using extension power cords that overheat.
  • Never tangle or bend the cords while you use them to avoid electrical fires.

Lyter is India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality electrical products online. With us, you’ll get plenty of modern power appliances for your household and workspace. All our products are safe, long-lasting, and come with a contemporary look and feel. Get in touch with us to explore more electrical gadgets.


Lyter is about the craft and legacy of the electrical accessories manufacturers in India. With the latest designs, matched with unparalleled quality and reliability, we have been delivering all kinds of modern electrical installations to our clients that bring them convenience and ease in life.

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