A new practical program specializing

Adish, in collaboration with its subsidiary Adish Plus, will start offering a new program specializing in ITIL training using GIGA school terminals for elementary, junior high, and high school students from April 1, 2022.

The GIGA school concept was announced by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology. According to the “Fact-finding Survey on Terminal Usage, etc.” in August 2021, 96.1% of ITIL training of public elementary schools and 96.5% of junior high schools started using terminals in “all grades” or “some grades”. Many schools engage in online lessons, and text communication via chat on terminals is being developed.

Ingenuity and “communication skills

Text communication refers to communication using letters, and since there is no information such as gestures and facial expressions, ingenuity and “communication skills” that convey only with letters are required.
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Currently, the policies differ depending on the school and the local government, which are “not using” text communication using the chat function and “using” under the supervision of teachers. Since children have few opportunities to learn text communication as a subject. It is presume that troubles relate to “posting and exchanging messages” will occur.

“Communication on the Internet” is the content of many consultations from teachers to the School Guardian Division of the school’s informal website, Net Bullying Countermeasure Consulting, which gives lectures on net literacy enlightenment more than 300 times a year.

The GIGA school concept

Adish considered it important for children to learn about text communication, which is net literacy, in promoting the GIGA school concept. Therefore, in collaboration with Adish Plus, we have decided to start offering a new practical program specializing in text communication.

This program is a student participation program that specializes in ITIL foundation manners in chat communication and allows you to experience communication on a GIGA school terminal. Communication methods that should note in chat conversations and SNS. Such as differences from face-to-face communication and precautions unique to letters, are includ.

Children learn problems that tend to occur in text communication, such as unintentional misunderstandings due to a lack of words, and the fact that the other person does not accept the intention of a joke. Foster text communication skills that are conscious of how the other person receives, not what you want to convey, and cultivate the ability to think autonomously in an information-oriented society.

Collaboration Agreement on Programming Education

On March 28, 2022, the Matsusaka City Board of Education and Life Is Tech. So which is engage in the programming education service business. Because signe a partnership agreement on programming education to realize. So that new learning in the GIGA school era. On the same day, a cooperation agreement conclusion ceremony and a joint press conference were hold.

Matsusaka City’s educational philosophy is “cultivating people in Matsusaka. Who nurture dreams and open up the future. To foster children who survive the era of rapid social change. We will realize individual and optimal learning and collaborative learning that make the best use. The GIGA school environment and advanced technology and voluntarily realize our way of life. I think it is indispensable to develop the ability to open up the future.

In 2021, Matsusaka City has been conducting empirical research in advance at each school. So using the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “EdTech Introduction Demonstration Project (subsidy)”. This time, we are collaborating with Life Is Tech to make this initiative even more advanced. A partnership agreement was signe on March 28 to enhance programming education at public junior high schools. In the city and support the use of EdTech teaching materials.

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