How Small Display Boxes Can Make an Impact on Your Business?

Small Display Boxes

What is the first thing to grab your attention when you enter a retail store? Do you immediately get attracted to the items that are fully covered?  No, because the products that are peeking out of their boxes are way more alluring and they pique your interest.

And every now and then you enter a store to purchase an item, once you are done with your purchase you pay your bills and you may notice various products placed in the small display boxes on the counter that automatically catch your eye.

These display boxes typically house sweets, bubble gum, mints, chocolates, cigarettes, and other seemingly little items that consumers unintentionally purchase. However, to generate sales from these boxes, the display boxes must be professionally created and artistically designed with the brand’s emblem to capture the customer’s eye.

If you are a brand looking up customized boxes for your smaller items you may have a look at the following information. This will probably clear all your ambiguities regarding customized small display packaging boxes.

Minimize Your Advertising Consumption

Small display packaging works best for your product promotion in the market as they help you to publicize your product without investing in huge advertisement campaigns. A premium quality small-sized display box that is placed on the counters and shelves of a retail store is the smartest approach to the advertisement. It will let the customers know about a product, as the product will speak for itself when placed in these boxes. Small display packaging never leaves your product unnoticed when it is placed on the countertops of retail stores.

Offer Convenient Customization

Every brand and company wishes for its products to become famous in the market. After giving their best in the manufacturing department the ball jumps into the court of the packaging department. The packaging department must create well-designed packaging that suits the product’s requirements as well as makes your product stand out in the market. They can customize the packaging boxes in the following ways.


There is a variety of packaging materials in the market. However, it is advisable to choose a durable material that meets the market standards and is suitable for your product’s safety and presentation. You may choose either of the following materials keeping in view the above-mentioned factors.

  • Kraft paper- it is light in weight and highly eco-friendly packaging material that is preferred by many environmentally conscious customers.
  • Corrugated material- it has a rough surface that is ideal for enhancing the shelf life of your product during shipping and transportation. It offers a sturdy and durable packaging solution.
  • Cardstock sheet- it has a smooth surface that is desired for a neat finishing when printing the designs or artwork on the entire packaging and gives a fine look to the packaging boxes.
  • Cardboard-it is a durable, sturdy, cost-efficient material that is always in demand for all types of product packaging. It is extremely versatile and can be made into whatever shape and size you require. It can also be recycled.
  • Rigid material- it is an extremely strong material that prevents the product from being damaged during shipping.

Box Shape

The shape and style of your display box are determined on the basis of your product dimensions. However, you can customize the shape by merging two or more shapes, or you may play with your imagination and create a new one.

Printing Technique

The printing technique you choose depends upon three factors. The first is the material of your packaging, the second is the size of your order, and the other is your budget. There are three printing techniques including:

  • screen printing
  • digital printing
  • offset lithography

All three of them are good in their ways. It is up to you to decide which printing technique is the most compatible option for you. However, you must keep the three factors in mind that are mentioned above prior to making a final decision, because printing is going to change the overall look of your packaging so be very careful.


Other than printing aesthetics is another important feature of packaging that plays a vital role in its presentation. As it is known that appearance rules the world, a striking artwork can transform the appearance of your display boxes. So you must create a design that is unique, choose colors that pop up, design your logo to symbolize your brand, and pick a theme that exhibits your product in the best possible way.

Ideal For Shipping

Since the name suggests that the size of these display boxes is small and so would be the overall dimensions of the boxes. This suggests that these display boxes are light in weight, a feature that is ideal for shipping. It is also beneficial for cutting down the shipping costs.

Mesmerize Your Customers

As a brand, it is your topmost priority to make your product unique and attractive in a way that customers admire. But you must not forget that the same goes for the packaging of the product. The market is loaded with products of similar kinds but what sets them apart is their packaging.  Investing in high-end small display packaging boxes will leave a good impression on your customers that will last longer. It will also promote your brand recognition and your customers will keep coming back for your product.


Displaying things prominently is a remarkable way to make your product stand out in the market. It will give an impression that the product is of premium quality. And therefore the brand does not hesitate to show off its product.

The product will ultimately gain the trust of customers. And they will not hang back to pick the product. If your company produces the best quality products yet. If you are struggling from the sales point of view then you must invest in small display packaging boxes. These boxes will increase the face value of your product. And attract more customers to the product.

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