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Top 7 Benefits of Competency-Based Education for Students

Top 7 Student Advantages of Competency-Based Education

We all know “Education is a powerful asset to articulate data, acquire knowledge, and develop skills”. The demand for education is rising because every parent looks forward to their children’s skills and welfare. “This demand and expectations imply that there is no end for teaching strategies at any cost” – by Experts.

Since school days play an important phase in children’s life, instructors are supposed to practice the best methods, hopefully promising them a bright future.

The teachers are adaptive to several methods for a promised future. One of the best methods – Competency-Based Education offers many benefits to the students.

What is Competency-Based Education (CBE) – CBE gives an equal opportunity to every individual student to acquire necessary skills and master them. Pedagogy is a method adopted here to build a successful path in becoming mastery.

In simple terms, CBE focus on the competitive abilities of each student in the subject rather than focusing on the grades/marks. In this way, students can only move forward after the demonstration of mastery. Generally, teachers are the ones to assure the mastery of every student. In this way, every student achieves mastery of their own skills and interests. However, these Competency-based education practices assist individuals to be clear with the goals.

Now let’s see the top 7 benefits of competency-based education for students in real life. Since CBE differs from traditional education forms, it is necessary for everyone to know what it exactly offers to students:

  • CBE is a self-paced one:

CBE remains focused on the outcomes, not on the journey – which means students cultivate their own pacing practice instead of a rigid learning process. So, when a student approaches to confirm his/her mastery, they will be assessed and if they are clear, they are free to choose their next level of learning materials and continue mastering it. This highlights CBE is not a time-dependant one; it completes relies on the student’s time where they can decide their time in becoming mastery.

  • CBE – A Flexible option:

CBE is a flexible one – as the student can decide when to start and when to finish it. Since there is no rigid form of learning, a student can become his/her learning guide as well. However, this flexible option among students helps them to make decisions better. CBE is more flexible than even letting a student enter a program at any point, even though they gained credits from their past learning.

  • CBE – A most engaging one:

Students’ mastery is only reflected through final outcomes. Outcomes are born only when the student is fully engaged to the subject, they wish to master. In CBE, every student is given an opportunity to take ownership over their learning. Though they have control over the place, time, and subject, CBE helps them to adopt various learning styles, and thus learning outcomes takes place. In short, CBE promotes a personalized learning experience and adds engagement. Since contents are tailored to the student’s expectations and relevancy, increasing growth in engagement is achieved through CBE.

  • CBE – To Develop Skills:

CBE is fully focused on the learning method that induces every student to become a master with real-world skills and demands. Through the CBE approach, one can develop competency since all the learning subjects evolve around competency ensuring the learning materials are most relevant. Students who acquired skills through CBE are the ones who master the real world even in external competitive markets.

  • CBE – An affordable education:

The actual cost of CBE varies with the subject and skills in real. However, it increases the level of learning education with a low investment. Since many CBE programmers were already flooding online – operational costs are eliminated and thus resulting in affordable tuition fees.

  • CBE – At anytime and anywhere:

We know that CBE is an engaging learning method. So, it makes the students learn their subject materials anywhere and at any time they wish. After completing the subjects, if they are ready, they can take projects and show their acquired skills. All these assessments, learning, and projects work can also be personalized to students’ choices. Therefore, this allows the students to perform their activities in their own time and place.

  • CBE – Latest Technologies:

So, CBE is a complete package, which offers students to show skills along with learning outcomes.


Competency-Based Education and Learning is a new practice in trend. Even though it offers great benefits, it is not recommended to all students. CBE approach is only beneficial for the students who seek a badge of self-directed learners. This is because; the role of teachers and students differs from the traditional education method. However, the teacher’s guidance lets you seek the desired learning outcomes as you master subjects. So, CBE is an ideal choice for students who prefer flexibility in their learning styles.

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