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5 Common Questions About the Demi Bra

Humans are creatures of habit. Once you find a bra style that you know you love and enjoy wearing, it becomes harder and harder to try something new. But innovations in bra design are getting better and better, especially when it comes to the demi bra. You don’t want to miss out on one of the most comfortable and chic bra designs just because it’s different from what you’re used to. You might have some questions if you’re thinking about branching out and trying this spectacular bra design. Here are five common questions about demi bras answered.

What Exactly Is a Demi Bra?

It’s your new favorite everyday bra. The word “demi” actually translates to “half” in French, which is where the half-cup demi bra design comes from. The half-cup design on the demi means that the top of the cup should rest maybe an inch or a half-inch above your nipple. A demi provides a little more coverage than a balconette bra but doesn’t dip as low on your sternum as a plunging bra. This allows you to wear your demi with a wide variety of necklines and get the support your body deserves.

Who Is a Demi Bra Best for?

A demi bra can support a wide range of different sizes, from 32A to 38H. A demi can also create some serious lift and is excellent for tear-shaped breasts. This bra is ideal for creating fullness and accentuating your body’s natural shape. It’s the perfect bra for anyone looking for comfort, support, and chic style all in one.

What Can I Wear It Underneath?

A demi bra can be the perfect bra for just about any occasion. But the demi has largely replaced the everyday T-shirt bra in terms of wearability. The low-cut cups are an excellent choice for a dress that shows a little more skin. Wide boatneck tops or V-necks are the perfect pairings for the demi as you’ll never have to worry about the cups showing over your clothing’s neckline.

How Can I Find My Size?

Making sure you have the correct sized bra on is crucial for any design, including demi bras. The best way to ensure you are getting the right size is to take measurements of yourself every time you order a new bra. Your body changes, and that is perfectly normal and okay. But it can influence your bra size. Some online bra retailers offer sizing quizzes. These nifty tools can help you determine your perfect size for that particular brand. Some of the best brands may even offer online fit therapists for a one-on-one fitting.

How Do I Find Demi Bras That Work for Me?

Finding the perfect demi bra for you all starts with the bra company you purchase from. Look for a company that focuses on creating intimates for real women’s bodies and has an inclusive sizing system that reflects that. Focus on the materials used in the construction of the demi bras. Look for super soft materials like power mesh and 3D spacer fabric to keep you comfortable no matter what. Once you finally put on your new demi bra, all these questions fade away, and you can enjoy sensual comfort all the time.

About CUUP

From home to the office and all the way to the beach, CUUP creates intimates that feel like an everyday luxury. Defining your sensuality with intimates designed by CUUP allows you the freedom to express yourself with sophisticated, innovative designs that were built to support your natural body and accentuate the female form. Whether you’re pairing The Balconette bra made of sheer power mesh with a set of comfortable and chic high waist underwear or wearing The Plunge bra, iconically unlined, with a soft modal thong, your intimates will always look and feel amazing. CUUP can support you with their 53 sizes A to H, whether you wear 30E or 44E bras. The inclusive brand is also regularly expanding their bra sizing.

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