Benefits Of Installing Wireless School Bell System

Installing Wireless School Bell System

School bell systems have many uses for school administration and without a bell system, a school cannot function. Different types of bell systems have been tried and tested and manual bells have remained the choice of many schools in past.

Science has advanced and now we are living in a world dominated by computers. Like every other establishment, schools have also adapted to computers and the wireless school bell system is one of them. Here we analyze the advantages of installing wireless bells in schools:

Benefits of installing wireless bells

  • Like the name denotes wireless systems function without cables. In normal bell systems, you would need cables to carry signals. To have a network of bells working you shall be required to connect bells with cable carrying activation signals.


  • The wireless system uses Wi-Fi internet in place of cables. The bells are capable of receiving signals from open air as they use the IP technology and accordingly ring when they receive the command from the master bell system or a low-voltage transmitter.


  • You will enjoy a cable-free campus and your walls and ceilings will not be interfered with by ugly wires. Since the clocks in this system are powered by long-lasting batteries the clocks also do not need electricity to run. The batteries are capable of serving for 2 ½ years or 5 years depending on your choice



  • The wireless school bell system does not require manual assistance because they are updated by Wi-Fi internet over time. The wireless phenomenon also ensures that you don’t any extra money for the internet and wires.


About the Break bell system


The break bell system is not just restricted to school and is used extensively by factory units, warehouses, and other such establishments where several breaks are offered. Break bells for factory units and warehouses work in a similar fashion and they are computer software run systems that store break bell schedules in their core.

The bell system can be classified as wired and wireless and both can work with computer networks and save money for the school administration. Breaks and classroom changes were announced by physical bells activated by hands but the latest bell systems do not need any human assistance.


The bell system will announce breaks by activating a network of bells according to the timetable fed into the computer software. It means you don’t have to activate bells manually and also do not need to harbor unnecessary bother.

Control of the break bell systems is firmly in your hand as you can use your PC or Smartphone to control the school timetable and disciplined classroom breaks. One of the biggest advantages of the system is that it won’t allow attendees to waste time or take extra breaks. The breaks are announced by triggering off physical bells by the computer software using either the Ethernet network or Wi-Fi wireless internet.

Digital Message Board

Communication has been diverted to digital technology and the results are amazing. Digital message board for schools is astonishing technology and has overwhelmed the old method of writing a message on the whiteboard.

With digital technology now you are in a position to send messages across classrooms at the same time. If there is an emergency the system will evacuate classrooms by sending distress messages to digital message boards installed all over the corridor and classrooms.

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