4 Exceptional Benefits of White Tea for Hair


You might be wondering about white tea, there is no such thing as white tea. Indeed there is! Just like how tea was accidentally invented in china, white tea also was accidentally found in tropical regions of china from a plant named, Camellia sinensis. This special tea is one of a kind because it is the least processed tea that has more health advantages. Now, you might be wondering how is sipping a tea going to be beneficial for your hair through the benefits of white tea for hair, then continue to read on whilst you pour yourself a cup of tea to relish with!

The white tea is obtained from the sun-dried leaves and buds of its plant. These are hand-picked before they fully bloom and they have pristine and delicate silvery white strings or hairs that have the ability to unleash a sweet and light flavor of this exquisite beverage.

These white strings hint at the name of white tea. An interesting point to be noted is- both green and black tea is also a derivative of Camellia sinensis. The sole difference is the amount of processing done to produce their unique flavors, aroma, and a strong concoction of a tea. One classification of tea leaves is able to produce three kinds of teas, isn’t nature just beautiful and mysterious.

As white tea is the least processed tea out of the three, it has the most percentage of antioxidants. These magical elements are responsible for treating many skin and hair-related problems. Some people consume white tea as much as green tea to keep their radiant youth intact. Well, not many hair product manufacturing establishments incorporate this magical component in their ingredients list and we are here just to introduce you to the very first ever company to have manufactured White tea shampoo under the natural hair care shampoo department in India.

Benefits of white tea for hair

Here are some of the mind-blowing benefits of white tea for hair and how you may either include white tea in your diet or hair care products to profit from these benefits. A White tea shampoo will surely help with this.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties:

White tea is known for its antioxidants both in teas and products. It helps to minister a whole lot of hair-related problems due to the presence of EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate). EGCG has flattering properties on health overall and surprisingly it is abundant in teas. It helps strengthen the hair tissues and cells which enrich hair development. This is achievable because EGCG has the capability to revive cells, including hair cells.

A bonus: EGCG is also responsible for maintaining youthful skin along with the hair. It has the ability to make cells survive for a longer period of time. Wrinkles, saggy and loose skin or fine lines will be a lot farther away. A simple white tea can make you youthful so why not avail this benefit and stay young forever. Bottoms up on White tea!

  • Dandruff free

These anti-inflammatory properties help to lessen dandruff while enhancing the longevity of cells and reducing ever-irritating dandruff. Therefore, your scalp will remain squeaky clean and no dead skin or debris will spoil the environment of the scalp. The scalp will definitely be able to breathe.

  • Collagen intensifies

White tea has a grand phenol portion that helps to strengthen collagen and elastin. These are also valuable for maintaining cell longevity which in turn makes the cell proteins stronger and more effective by increasing strength in tissues. The collagen and elastin are accountable for the cells’ vitality.

  • No more sun damage:

It helps to preserve the hair from any sun damage. Yes, just as you need to protect your skin from UV rays, it is also essential to protect hair from the harmful UV rays and it assists you with that. This means you will have more shiny and silky hair

The organic and immaculately natural features of Indalo’s White tea shampoo are the most superficial within the natural hair products game. It’s amazing to own something fully natural and use the incredible benefits of white tea in a very organic way coming to you instantly from nature’s excellence. They are the first company to manufacture White tea shampoo in India with a blend of aloe vera for more nourishing properties.

The natural hair care shampoo ingrained with the superiority of Aloe Vera, White Tea, Licorice, and Blue Berries. It is a genuine sulphate-free, and Paraben-free shampoo which aids in maintaining volume, strength, and wholesome hair. Work the shampoo into your roots only and not the tips. Essentially it is for oily hair but to avail of white tea benefits, you may give it a try. It also has a combo offer with a white tea conditioner which will nourish your locks completely from within and give you a flawless look.

So, why are you delaying? Head over to Indalo’s now!

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