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A man has only one house. And he has rented it out and is living

in the rented house himself. The rent of the house he owns is two and a half thousand and the rent of the house in which he is currently living is five thousand, and he has no gold, no silver, no cash, no merchandise. Yes, he works. His salary is ten thousand and he is used for household expenses. Is sacrifice obligatory on this man? When there is no debt on it. And if he has a debt, he should also state whether the sacrifice is obligatory on him or not.

If he has only one house and for some reason he is living in a rented house by renting it out to someone else instead of living in it himself, then this Mamluk house of his will enter the original needs and sacrifice on it. It will not be obligatory.

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Non-Muslims say that the sacrifice of buffalo jamus is not mentioned in any hadith.

The hadiths mention the sacrifice of a cow, Baqarah. Baqara is another thing and Jamos is another thing. Therefore, they do not consider the sacrifice of buffalo jamus permissible. Do you have any justification for sacrificing a buffalo?

Nowhere in the hadith is it written that it is halal to eat the meat of Jamos, then why do non-Muslims eat its meat? It is not mentioned in any hadith to give Friday sermon in Urdu or any other language except Arabic. Then why do they give sermon in Urdu by their own guess? Answer from the hadith.
The arguments of Shari’ah are four: Qur’an, Hadith, Ijma ‘, Qiyas.
The whole ummah agrees on this. The first rank in the arguments is the Qur’an. Among the animals that are allowed to be sacrificed in the Qur’an is “Baqar”. Yes, Mr. Ahl-e-Lughat clearly writes: jamus is a kind of buffalo cow. There is no animal but Jamus Baqar. We Hanafis do not speculate, we act on the Qur’an which is the biggest argument.

I did not make a sacrifice in the beginning, nor did I know its

importance. Now I have started making a sacrifice since then. Now I have to ask whether it has to be made up or forgiven. I did not know that I should sacrifice, nor did I know when it became obligatory on me, now that I realized what I should do. Some people say that sacrificing is a passion, so don’t make up for it, keep doing it in the future. Can you please tell me a simple solution?

If a person has more money, jewelery, merchandise or other assets worth more than the basic necessities and debts, the value of which is equal to or more than the value of one and a half tola (1/2 gram / milligram) of  silver. It is obligatory, and as long as he has this syllabus, he is obliged to make sacrifices every year. If for some reason he is unable to make sacrifices, he is not forgiven. Rather, it is obligatory according to sharee’ah to give charity at the cost of a sacrifice. Therefore, in case of a problem, you should first focus on the mind and by looking at the calculation, first decide when you became the owner of the above mentioned syllabus and then do not make any sacrifice since then. Give alms to the poor and needy and at the same time repent and seek forgiveness in the court of Allah Almighty for the negligence you have committed by not sacrificing. InshaAllah you will be acquitted.

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Zaid has no gold and silver, only cash up to 40 thousand,

Zaid is married, employed in the company, has two children, 13 siblings, lives with his father, Zaid gives his income to his father Yes, Zaid’s father also makes sacrifices. In such a case, is Zaid also required to make sacrifices? Guide me

If Zayd has forty thousand rupees in his possession, then it is obligatory for him to make a sacrifice on it. Sacrifice will be sacrificed by Tawzeed.

Can a deer be sacrificed?

The determination of sacrificial animals is a shar’i hearing, speculation has nothing to do with it, and only three types of animal sacrifices have been proven by the Shari’ah.

  1. Camel male and female.
  2. Goat, ram, sheep, ewe male and female.
  3. Cows, buffaloes, males and females.

Therefore, it is not permissible to sacrifice any animal other than them, and one of the conditions for this is that they should not be savages, but should be acquainted with domestic (pets) and men.
Since the deer is one of the wild animals, and the sacrifice of wild animals is not permissible, the sacrifice of deer or deer is not permissible.

What is the ruling on sacrificing a buffalo? Does the Qur’an and Hadith provide evidence of buffalo sacrifice or not?

The buffalo and the buffalo are a type of cow, and the sacrifice of a cow is mentioned in clear words in the hadiths, so the sacrifice of a buffalo and a buffalo is also permissible.

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