Yacht or Boat Rental in Barcelona – Which is Better for Traveling?

The challenge with choosing a ship for long voyages is that both boats and sailboats are beautiful. Those who plan to rent a yacht in Barcelona often find it challenging to decide, and it is best to contact a professional boat rental company in Barcelona, such as barcelonaboatrental.com, to make an informed decision. To help you select the best option, we have provided the following recommendations.

Motor Yacht with Flybridge – A Source of Thrill and Adrenaline

It is important to note that boats equipped with motors and designed for long sea voyages are considered motor yachts, particularly those with a flybridge. A flybridge is a bridge above the main cabin, where control devices are installed. It also features sofas, a table, and everything needed for relaxation. When a cruising motor yacht is at full speed, the speed is more evident when you are on the flybridge. The water is visible below, and the roll-on turns add adrenaline. Everything you need for sunbathing, feasting, dancing, and barbecuing is within reach. And it’s not out of control. Boats are best suited for young people, groups, and trips with friends.

Sailing Yacht: Is It All About Romance?

Sailboats are always admirable, and photographs taken aboard sailing yachts are mesmerizing. For family trips, traveling with a loved one, or in the company of family friends, this option is preferable. Newlyweds can also go on a honeymoon under sail and enjoy the romantic atmosphere that only sailing can provide. However, sailing requires handling the rigging, which is a separate science taught in yachting schools. It is important to remember that the motor must also be used. It is easier for inexperienced sailors to approach the pier, go against the wind, and enter marinas under the motor. In calm weather, you don’t have to wait for the wind, and you don’t need to tack. Lower the sails, start the engine, and sail away.

Mandatory Equipment for Long Journeys

When it comes to long journeys, all boats are similar. Boat rental services in Barcelona assume that you may wish to go on a cruise rather than just a walk along the coast. Most yachts available on rental websites come equipped with everything you need, including a galley with a stove and refrigerator, a latrine with a shower, and cabins with sleeping places. A working radio station is essential in case you need to seek help from nearby ships. Navigation equipment and maps should also be available, and an echo sounder showing the actual depth is even better to ensure you never run aground. It is crucial to check with the shipowner about the boat’s draft if you plan to go ashore, visit coastal sights, or swim on beaches that cannot be accessed by land.

To operate a boat or a sailing yacht, specialized schools offer the required training, and their addresses can be easily found on the internet. However, before embarking on a long cruise, we recommend renting a boat for a short period to experience how comfortable it is. Sometimes, behind the sophisticated interior, genuine leather, and rare woods, inadequate sound insulation of partitions may exist, and the hum of the engines can ruin the entire experience.

In terms of security, motorboats are more dangerous than sailing yachts in a storm, with big waves and strong winds. Paradoxically, sailboats are more stable than motorboats with a flybridge. Pitching is felt stronger in motorboats, so it is essential to ensure that you do not get seasick before going on a cruise. In the end, the choice between boat or sailing yacht rental in Barcelona is a matter of personal taste.

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