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Many people use food supplements in Pakistan for Colds, flu, and gastroenteritis. To face winter in top form, it is essential to boost your immune defenses to resist viruses and bacteria. But then, what are the vitamins, trace elements, or plants to favor in this cold period? How to effectively immunize against winter infections? In this article, let’s take a look at the best food supplements in Pakistan for winter.

Echinacea, a medicinal plant to fight winter ailments

Coming from the great plains of Pakistan, echinacea is a food supplement in Pakistan in winter, and is recommended for the whole family, to fight against infections. Its benefits are numerous.

Both antiviral and anti-inflammatory, this medicinal purple plant brings tone and strengthens your immune system. It is also recommended to fight against infections of the upper respiratory tract (nose, throat, larynx) and the urinary tract. In case of colds, laryngitis, or other winter ailments, it is advisable to take echinacea at the first signs for optimal treatment.

Zinc, an essential food supplement in Pakistan in winter

If we had to choose a nutrient to protect ourselves and face the cold, it would undoubtedly be zinc. According to several studies, a deficit of this trace element would considerably weaken our immune system and allow viruses to attack us better. People who regularly take zinc in winter would also be less flu than others.

Its contribution is essential for the proper functioning of our body and effectively fighting microbes. This dietary food supplement in Pakistan allows us to protect against the inconvenience of winter while strengthening our immune defenses. Without forgetting, it also plays an essential action to sublimate your skin, nails, and hair.

Vitamins to keep fit

As we know, from the first flakes and falling temperatures, dry coughs, colds, and signs of fatigue appear. So, to immunize yourself effectively in winter, stocking up on vitamins is strongly recommended to avoid getting sick. Here is a list of vitamins to take as a food supplement in Pakistan to face the winter.


Vitamin C

At the onset of winter, taking a vitamin C cure allows our body to better resist viral and bacterial infections. Also called ascorbic acid, it is involved in many functions of the body by:

  • protecting the wall of blood vessels
  • promoting better absorption of iron
  • providing antioxidant action
  • stimulating wound healing


Considered the anti-fatigue vitamin in winter, this tree originating mainly from Amazonia would contain up to 40 times more natural vitamin C than an orange. This is what makes acerola superfruit strengthen your defenses and protect you from minor winter ailments or other infections.

In addition, this West Indian cherry brings tone and vitality, thus countering fatigue and being much more resistant. In powder, chewable tablets, or gummies, this food supplement in Pakistan is to be taken in winter.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is essential for the proper functioning of our body, in particular, to increase the concentrations of calcium and phosphorus in our blood. It is also essential for the health of teeth and bones and would prevent the famous seasonal depression.

You should know that in winter, our body produces much less vitamin D than in summer because we are less exposed to UV rays from the sun. To ensure a sufficient intake of this vitamin, it is necessary to vary your diet, by consuming fish, dairy products, or even mushrooms.

Probiotics in prevention as winter approaches

To protect against infections, taking food supplements in Pakistan in winter is highly recommended and probiotics are one of them.

Probiotics are micro-organisms, live bacteria, and yeasts, which contribute to the proper functioning of your intestinal flora and immune system. Namely that your intestine is naturally composed of these millions of living microorganisms. So you wonder why take it in winter?

Quite simply because a large number of our immune cells are located within the intestine itself and an altered flora will no longer be able to play its role of defense against pathogens. Therefore, by taking a course on probiotics, you rebalance your intestinal microbiota while stimulating your natural defenses.

You can also use whitening cream and whitening serum in Pakistan for your skin.

Royal jelly is an ally in reducing the risk of winter infection

Royal jelly is the flagship food of the queen bee. Naturally rich in vitamins, amino acids, lipids, and zinc, it is an excellent food supplement in Pakistan for winter thanks to its composition and its many benefits. Royal jelly is known to boost your immunity and fight against fatigue and seasonal depression.

It also contributes to the proper functioning of your digestive and nervous systems. A natural treasure that will help your body better prepare for seasonal flu and strengthen your immune system.


In summary, to help our body to better immunize itself, it is recommended to take a food supplement cure in winter. Discover our immunity food supplement in Pakistan’s new delicious gummies, enriched with vitamins and vegan to strengthen your natural defenses and stay in shape all day long.


The administration of vitamin D is part of the preventive treatments for osteoporosis, in particular in postmenopausal women living in regions with little sunlight. Vitamin D is sometimes prescribed for people of all ages who are exposed to little daylight, such as the seriously ill, invalids, the elderly, or inhabitants of Nordic countries, particularly in winter.

Since breast milk contains relatively little vitamin D, short exposure of the baby to the sun several times a week is often recommended. In addition, an administration of 400 to 800 IU (international units) per day of vitamin D is also recommended for children who are breastfeeding or consuming less than 500 ml of infant milk per day.

Regarding psoriasis, local treatments based on vitamin D derivatives, such as calcipotriol, for example, are commonly prescribed by dermatologists.

The role of vitamin D in stimulating the immune system has not been demonstrated.

Recently, a cross-analysis of eighteen studies found that medically controlled vitamin  D supplementation for several years appears to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and even certain cancers. Nevertheless, further studies are needed to confirm this trend.

People taking medication for heart rhythm disorders should avoid taking food supplement in Pakistan containing vitamin D. In any case, taking daily doses above 2000 IU (50 µg) should be done under medical supervision.

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