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Why You should Buy a Home for Sale in Gunnison CO

With a population of around 6,560, Gunnison is a small mountain community on the western slope of Colorado. Tourists and students at Western Colorado University contribute an estimated 2,500 people every year to the local population. Gunnison City is located in Gunnison County and serves as the county seat. Many more people pass through Gunnison because of the city’s ranching, agricultural, mining, tourism, and outdoor leisure options.


Since 2010, Gunnison’s population has increased by an annualized rate of 1.04 percent. The statewide average over that time period was 1.46%, and the national average was 0.69%. Over the same ten year period, Gunnison saw a 9.32% increase in population, compared to 13.18% for the state and 6.23% for the entire United States. Researching homes for sale Gunnison CO real estate data, we find that the median value of a home is currently $201,300. The national median value is $204,900, while in the state it is $313,600.

Buying a Home For sale in Gunnison CO

Over the previous decade, property values have increased by a median of 0.18 percent annually. Over the past decade, the average across the entire state was 0.45. For the same time period, the yearly rate of appreciation in the value of homes in the United States was 0.13 percent. Gunnison has a homeownership rate of 42.4%. Sixty-four point nine percent of the residents in the state are homeowners, which is comparable to the national homeownership rate of 63.eight percent.

Benefits of Buying a Home in Gunnison CO

You can go about on foot

The factors that influence an individual’s sense of satisfaction with their life are numerous and varied. While some homebuyers may choose a walkable city with plenty of nearby amenities, others may prefer the suburbs for their quieter streets, greater privacy, and proximity to parks and other natural areas. Some people find it intolerable to rely on a car for their daily lives, while for others, being able to get to their weekend hangout in a fair amount of time is a dream realized. The walkability and bikeability scores of Gunnison, CO are both 80. The convenience of being able to do all of one’s errands on foot is greatly appreciated in this area.

Accessibility to public transportation

BUSTANG operates the city’s public bus system. In Gunnison, there are a total of 1 BUSTANG bus shelters. In addition, this area could be ideal for you if you drive an electric car and are trying to find a place to live that is close to a charging station. Gunnison, Colorado features three charging stations for EVs, with a total of six level-2 charging ports.

Best School

The constant demand for areas with good public schools explains why housing costs are consistently higher there. Researching local schools and their reputations is a smart move if you currently have or plan to have kids in the future. In this area, you can choose from three different publicly funded elementary schools, all of which have earned grades of “C” or better. The district has three public middle schools that had a grade of C or above, including Crested Butte Community School (ranked 80th in the state) and Gunnison Middle School (ranked 239th). Top high schools in the district include Crested Butte Community School (ranked #62 in the state) and Gunnison High School (ranked #136).

Historical value

The town of Gunnison has all the feel of the Wild West. Our town celebrates its ranching heritage every year with Cattlemen’s Days, one of Colorado’s oldest rodeos, and plenty of open land and friendly locals. Western Colorado State University, which has been providing higher education here since 1901, is also located in our fair city.

What to Consider when Buying a Home in Gunnison CO

A good predictor of a neighborhood’s quality is the rate of home sales there. One possible indicator of a desirable area is a recent uptick in the home for sale Gunnison CO rate, especially within the last, say, five years. On the other hand, if few homes sell after being put up for sale in a given area, that can be a sign that many of the current occupants want to leave. Getting feedback from locals regarding the pros and cons of living in this area would be really helpful.  Homes at the upper end of the market tend to be on the market longer than those at lower price points since there are fewer potential buyers and it takes more time to locate a buyer who is both motivated and eligible.


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