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Expert’s guide for choosing the best Health Insurance company in India

The need for comprehensive health insurance has become indispensable over the years. Rising medical expenses and awareness of good health have increased the demand for insurance policies. More and more insurance companies are now coming up with different categories of benefits to ensure optimum health benefits for their policyholders. 

Investing in India’s best insurance company can get you many different types of benefits. However, the terms may vary across insurers. It is better to check details and compare policy features and benefits before choosing an appropriate one that suits your needs. You can check out the Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance plan if you seek an inclusive plan before buying your policy. 

Health Insurance benefits vary a lot

The Indian health insurance industry has witnessed rapid growth over the last decade, and today, more than a dozen companies offer medical insurance plans. To find the best health insurance company in India will take you a little research. The quality of services and benefits offered differ from company to company and plan to plan. You might need to consider a few factors to get the best from your chosen policy. 

Range of plans offered

Every individual and family has different health needs, making it essential to review a particular policy regarding their specific requirements. Aside from a medical insurance plan covering hospitalisation expenses, you may need a holistic one that provides all-around protection. Some medical insurance policies offer critical illness and disease-specific plans, maternity benefits, senior citizen plans, etc. With a wide range of plans, you can find solutions to your specific health needs. 

Coverage benefits and premium rates

India’s best health insurance companies, such as Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance, provide comprehensive coverage. The pricing policy of your medical insurance company will play a role in determining the affordability of the policy. It makes sure you buy a plan that doesn’t pinch on your pockets for the premium yet provides optimum coverage.

List of network hospitals 

The range of network hospitals featured on your health insurance policy list will determine the possibility of enjoying cashless benefits at the hospital of your choice. If your insurance company has partnered with a wide network, you will be able to locate a hospital quickly and avail of cashless claim settlement. You can look for top insurance companies in India which have the largest network in the country. 

Claim settlement ratio of the provider

Companies such as Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance offer a high claim settlement ratio. Now, this ratio indicates the measure of claims it settles. Moreover, the best medical insurance company in India would have an easy claim settlement process wherein you can get your claims quickly paid hassle-free. Companies offering a claim settlement ratio of 90% and above make a good option. 

Group Health Insurance plans

Experts recommend people invest in a health insurance policy beyond the policy offered by their employer. Group covers often have a lot of exclusions and may not cover all costs incurred during hospitalisations. For instance, the room rent and other charges or co-pay clauses may need you to share a percentage of the bill. So, it’s better to consider investing in an individual or family floater policy that allows you to enjoy more benefits. 

Choose Health Insurance policy wisely

It is best to buy a policy depending on you and your family’s exclusive medical needs. You should consider every detail when choosing a medical insurance policy from the number of family members to their age. So if you are young, you can get a cover of Rs.5 lakh, whereas if you have older members in the family, you can opt for a larger family floater plan. For the latter covers, premiums are linked to the age of the most senior member. Also, experts suggest that with parents above 50 years of age, it is best to get a separate cover for them instead of including them in the floater plan. 

Top-up policies are rewarding 

With policies like the Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance Plan, you have the flexibility of enhancing your insurance cover and benefits. Such health insurance plans allow policyholders to include more covers at a nominal cost using the top-up policy. 

If you are in company-provided insurance plans, you can check out possibilities of enhancing the cover with top-up covers. Although there would be a limit to this, it will be beneficial in the long run. If your company does not allow such an arrangement, invest in an independent base plan and use a top-up to seek more benefits. 

Top-ups are often cheaper than family floater covers. So, you can get an individual plan and add a maternity benefit top-up or that for critical illness and so as available under such policies. 


Whichever plan you choose, make sure to read up a few market reviews before investing, compare policy premiums with other insurers, and do not forget to check the waiting period, especially if you are searching for a policy that covers pre-existing illnesses. 

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