Why choose the best mixer grinder under 5000?

If you are a coffee lover and want a stylish, powerful grinder for your home, we have brought you some of the best options. Mixer grinders are used to blend and roast both beans and spices. They come in all shapes and sizes, having different capacities to accommodate your needs. Depending on your coffeemaker model, get a grinder that can grind right into the filter or into a portafilter basket-less unit. Let’s have a look at the best mixer grinder under 5000 that we recommend for your home

What is the use of the mixer grinder? 

There are two main uses for a mixer grinder. The first one is for grinding coffee beans to make freshly brewed coffee or espresso. Coffee makers can’t achieve the same level of aroma and flavour if you don’t grind the beans right before use. The other use is for grinding spices like coriander, chilli peppers, cumin, black pepper, and others in different types of Indian cuisine. Some models are used both ways simultaneously, so they will be able to grind your spices and roast your coffee. It’s a good idea to always choose a model with extra discs and blades. Because you will always have replacements ready if something goes wrong with the current ones in the future.

In a nutshell, the main advantages of the best mixer grinder under 5000. That they come with safety features like being able to grind different spices and coffee at the same time. You will also have the ability to grind different sizes of beans or spice without the need of buying additional discs. They are very easy to use and compact in size to keep them in your cupboard or kitchen cabinets. However, if you find that your machine is not working properly even after using it for many years, it is probably time for a replacement.

best mixer grinder under 5000

Main factors to consider when buying the best mixer grinder under 5000:

Power and wattage:

The power requirement of a mixer grinder is big. best mixer grinder under 5000 means that you need to check the power rating of your prospective products and make sure you buy one that has enough power rating. Also, you should check if the current machines in your home can upgrade with the additions.


Most of us buy machines for our kitchens or other rooms in the house. You will want to invest in something that blends well. And will also stand the test of time so that you don’t have any problems down the road.

Speed settings:

Most machines come with different speed settings that let you choose the best speed for your current task. However, you will find that most of them have preset speeds. So that you don’t have to worry about whether you have enough control over the units. It is a good idea to go for a model that has at least three speeds: one for coffee beans, one for spices. And one for grinding meat and other ingredients for your dishes.

Safety features:

Most of these machines come with safety features. And make sure they overload and won’t damage your kitchen counter or cabinets.

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