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Best WHMCS Themes

WHMCS Themes

WHMCS Themes

WHMCS Themes and order form template basically allow you to customize the Client Area and WHMCS’s client-facing user interface. By changing the design of the Client Area to match your company’s website and logo, WHMCS allows you to create an impressive experience for your consumers.

Themes in WHMCS, are used to control the client-facing user interface. WHMCS allows you to give a consistent experience for your website visitors by customizing the Client Area to match the rest of your website.

Best Order Form Templates Available on the Web

The Most Powerful WHMCS One Page OrderForm available on the web right now is the WHMCS ONE STEP Checkout OrderForm which boosts the Checkout Process of your WHMCS Store and is Fully Responsive for WHMCS One Step Checkout.


1. Increase the speed of your WHMCS store’s checkout process by 2X.

2. Create payment gateways based on the country.

3. WHMCS Admin Set Payment Gateway Icons 4. Inbuilt GeoIP Currency Changer

5. Mobile Devices Mini Cart

6. Order Summary in Detail

7. Product Selection that is Informative

8. WHMCS Quantity Options are supported.

9. Works well with tried-and-true choices

10. Supported in a variety of languages

11. Completely Ajax-based


1. Startup License – $129.95 (valid for 1 website domain).

2. Enterprise License – $350 (Applicable to Multiple Websites and Domains)

Best WHMCS Themes to Watch Out For

  • Twenty-X WHMCS Client Area Template
  • ClientX WHMCS Client Area Template
  • HostX WHMCS Web Hosting Template

Twenty-X WHMCS Client Area Template

TwentyX is the most complex and powerful child theme for Twenty-One, WHMCS 8.3.x’s new system theme. Our new WHMCS 8.3.x theme contains all of the pre-designed WHMCS 8.3.x Client Area Pages, which may be utilized to renew and professionalize your client area. All you have to do now is upload the theme.

TwentyX WHMCS Client Area Template Features

  • Highly Responsive: 
  • License Verification not Required
  • Preserved Changes
  • Ultra-Modern Design
  • Supports Multiple Languages

HostX WHMCS Web Hosting Theme

We understand the frustration of consumers looking for WHMCS developers in the hosting sector who can construct a highly qualified hosting website. After that, the customer must deal with the hassle of making WHMCS work with their website. 

So, in order to alleviate all of this misery for WHMCS users and Web Hosting Companies, we created the HostX Solution, a prebuilt WHMCS web hosting theme. The new HostX WHMCS Web Hosting Template contains a rebuilt WHMCS Client Area and Admin Panel with several outstanding features such as Tracking Codes, SEO Manager, Testimonial Manager, Social Media Sharing, and more.


  • Redesigned WHMCS Client Area – 20+ Pre-designed Pages & Elements
  •  Template for a Custom Order Form
  • Blogs Manager – Publish Blogs Easily
  • Drag-and-drop page builder with advanced page manager
  • SEO Manager – Set Robots Indexing, Add Meta Tags
  • OG Tags Manager for Social Media OG Tags Manager for Social Media
  • OG Tags Manager for Social Media OG Tag
  • Blocks Manager – Make a block, copy it, and edit it.
  • Manager of the website’s top menu
  • Manager of the Client Area Side Menu
  • Manager of Dynamic Contents
  • Custom URLs Sitemap Generator
  • Easily assign products to pages
  • Style Editing for GDPR Cookies Bar Manager
  • Style Editable Marketing Offer Popup Banner
  • A home page products assigner is used to handle the products on the main page.
  • Invoices and Website Logos Manager
  • Manager of Department Icons
  • Compatible with WHMCS v8.3.x and below


CLIENTX WHMCS Client Area Template

ClientX is a one-of-a-kind WHMCS client area theme or template that provides your WHMCS client area a distinctive look. It comes with a variety of designs and features that set it apart from any other template on the market.

Change the color style according to your needs using the ClientX addon module in WHMCS admin; you don’t need development skills to do so; simply enter hex codes and you’re good to go.


1. Appealing Home Page

2. WHMCS admin Color Scheme Changer 3 Multiple Menu Styles

4. It has a social signup feature.

5. RTL (right-to-left) support

6. A custom-designed Order Form Template is pre-installed.

7. The Domain Search Page has been updated.

8. In the Client Area, create your own unique header and footer.

9. Menu Editors (adding, removing, and editing menu items)

10. Includes a one-of-a-kind invoice template

11. New sidebar with additional information on Notifications, Settings, and Cart Summary

12. A revamped client area main page with a more professional appearance.

13.ClientX is now completely compatible with WHMCS v8.2.0 and functions flawlessly.

14. Customers may now customize the dashboard layout to their liking.


The Best WHMCS Theme simplifies your job and saves you time and money. It improves the efficiency of the organization’s operations while also adding functionality to your website. To make your potential clients’ work easier, every WordPress website should have WHMCS.

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