What You Need to Know About Grenada’s Citizenship

If you want to apply for citizenship in Grenada, there are several things you need to know. Among other things, you’ll like to learn about the costs and benefits of the program. You’ll also want to find out about Grenada’s citizenship by investment options. In addition, you’ll like to know about Visa-free travel.

Investment options

You can choose from various investment options to gain Grenada’s Citizenship. One of these investment options is real estate. If you hold the real estate for at least five years, you can become a Grenada citizen. However, you can only invest in pre-approved real estate projects. These are usually luxury resorts or villas.

The other investment option for Grenada’s citizenship is through the NTF. First, however, you need to have sufficient funds to invest. For example, in the case of investment in real estate, you have to invest at least USD 220,000. Usually, your funds are recouped after five years. Moreover, it would be best if you were at least eighteen to become a citizen of Grenada.

Due diligence fee

The Grenada government charges due diligence fees for Grenada citizenship for every person applying. These fees cover the processing of the application and reviewing individual information. The money invested is then returned to the citizens of Grenada, which helps support the island’s future. If you are interested in applying for Grenada citizenship, contact an immigration agent and begin your search.

In addition to the due diligence fee, applicants must invest a minimum of $220,000 in approved real estate projects to qualify. There is also a USD 25,000 fee for each additional dependent, such as a spouse or minor children. The application for Grenada citizenship is straightforward, but the process can be lengthy.

Visa-free travel

Grenada citizens can easily travel to more than 130 countries without a visa. This includes most countries in the European Union and the United Kingdom, as well as the Caribbean and Commonwealth nations, including Grenada. Furthermore, Grenada citizens can obtain an E-2 investor visa in the United States.

Grenada is working on expanding its list of Visa-free countries. It has already signed an agreement with China and the Schengen Area. 

As a Grenada citizen, you’ll also be able to enjoy Visa-free travel in the United States for up to 10 years. The process is straightforward and inexpensive. However, it’s important to note that visa-free status changes periodically. For this reason, it is essential to check with the appropriate government agency before making travel plans.

To gain Grenada citizenship with the aid of using funding, you need to make investments at least $220k in actual property withinside the usa and be over 18. The program’s necessities are noticeably simple, and you may observe as a enterprise person, a professional, or a overseas investor. You will be required to make a contribution to the National Transformation Fund to observe.

Citizenship with the aid of using funding in Grenada is a superb choice for traders searching out a second citizenship. The usa gives many benefits, which includes visa-loose tour to extra than 150 international locations and the capacity to spend money on actual property initiatives with a excessive return. In addition to visa-loose tour, Grenada citizenship with the aid of using funding offers you get right of entry to to the united states E2 investor visa. The software processing time for Grenada citizenship is normally three months.


Getting a passport to Grenada is less expensive than many people may think. However, there are some costs involved. These include due diligence fees, which the Grenadian government charges. These fees cover the costs of processing the application and reviewing the information provided by the applicant. The government of Grenada allocates these fees to various development projects on the island.

A Grenada passport is a prized possession and can offer financial and personal freedom. The process takes about three months. The process can be complicated, and many requirements must be met. The process requires you to provide documents showing your good character, a source of funds, and references. Therefore, it’s best to gather all your documents before applying.

Citizens of Grenada can apply for an E-2 visa, which allows them to live and work in the U.S. Citizens of other countries must meet stringent requirements and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a green card. Still, the cost of obtaining a Grenada passport is much lower. It can also be cheaper than getting an EB5 immigrant investor visa. 

Grenada’s citizenship program is specific in some of ways, and it varies from the ones of its nearby and worldwide counterparts. The advantages of Grenada citizenship via making an investment are numerous. Grenadian nationals have smooth get entry to to americaA below the E-2 Investor visa, that is a treasured gain for a overseas investor. Also, there aren’t anyt any taxes on capital gain, inheritance, present, or wealth everywhere withinside the world.

Grenada, being a tax-pleasant country—having no present taxes nor tax income, presents all people who can make investments or donate monies to the authorities a quick music to citizenship. It boasts one of the world’s quickest CBI applications with a median processing time of three months or much less and price the least out of all of the citizenship with the aid of using funding applications.


The Grenada citizenship price is nicely really well worth, the benefits and blessings of it brings to each the investor and their loved ones.

1: Grenada passport is one of the strongest passport, Citizen of Grenada can Visa free travel to almost 140 countries, including china and united kingdom.

2: Citizenship for lifestyles for the applicant making the funding and their family, in addition to destiny generations.

3: The best point is it allows its investors to increase their investment to grow their money. That’s the best thing for investors.

4: Strong economy which is very beneficial for investors.

5: Children of Grenada citizens can receive a high class education in US and UK.

6:  Grenada citizenship grants you the security of knowing that you have access to a peaceful and politically stable country.

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