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Until now, few manufacturers have released an Online UPS model specifically designed for the UPS world. This is an expanding market, in which increased attention paid, not only to the technological part, but also to a careful and aesthetic design in all its components.

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In this sense, the UPS manufacturer has launched its new Online UPS series, aimed at streamers and Online UPS who want to protect their equipment with quality energy, without having to reject the possibility of doing so with a designer UPS. exclusive, that does not clash with the rest of our computer set up.


The first UPS that has launched within its Online UPS series e. An interactive technology model with output power through a pure sinusoidal waveform in battery mode. It is a perfect equipment for the protection of 600-800W active PFC type sources that usually integrated in current Online UPS computers, for three reasons:

It has an electrical dimensioning suitable for the average consumption of Online UPS computers. Maintaining an output power of up to 900W.

Pure Sine Waveform

Its output power through a pure sine waveform allows maintaining quality energy after the UPS switched to battery mode. This is a feature especially required by active PFC-type power supplies that Online UPS computers mount, as well as Apple models (Mac, iMac, or Mac mini), which have also mounted this type of power supply for many years.

Its AVR regulation will maintain an adequate working voltage for the power supply, within a margin of ±10%. Also, since the AVR is autotransformer based, it will also filter out a lot of electrical noise making its output cleaner.


  • Autonomy at half load (with an estimated consumption of 360W real): 7-8 minutes.
  • Customizable RGB LED front lighting.
  • Removable LCD screen with Bluetooth communication and 900mAh battery.
  • High reliability, microprocessor controlled.
  • Built-in AVR to ensure voltage stability.
  • Automatically restarts when power returns.

It is, therefore, a UPS specially designed for the protection of Online UPS computers if we consider that the type of PFC sources that these computers mount more sensitive than the standard ones to the input waveform.

Batteries And Types of Uses

That the consumption of the Online UPS computer to Online UPSs will found, in most cases, above what is usual in other types of uses. In relation to the latter, the 1500-GAM mounts two 12V and 9Ah AGM batteries that will be able to maintain autonomy without power supply of about 7-8 minutes at half load (about 360W real).

Its ecological design increases charging efficiency and reduces charging time by 50%, it also includes software with which you can monitor and control the status of the UPS from your PC.


Being a model integrated into a series designed for video Online UPS lovers, did not want to leave aside the aesthetic part.

The UPS from the Online UPS series have a design designed to fit perfectly with the rest of the components that make up a Set Up Online UPS; keyboard, mouse, mousepad, monitor, speakers, etc. On the front they include RGB lighting, configurable through its removable LCD panel.

Front Panel of the UPS

The front panel of the UPS is removable and allows its use as a remote panel. Which allows us to place it, for example, next to the monitor while we play. It communicates via Bluetooth, and includes a 900mAh battery.

Its screen provides useful information about the computer’s CPU temperature, frequency, and load level. Features that, at first, may go unnoticed by most users. Although they can be useful for the most technical, who want to monitor the performance of the CPU while playing.

Provides CPU temperature, speed, and load level.

Customizable RGB LED front lighting.

Removable LCD screen with Bluetooth communication and 900mAh battery.

IEC To Adapter

Keep in mind that all its outlets are of the IEC type, so if we do not have IEC to IEC cables, we will need some or, at least, an IEC to adapter (European plug) to later use a power strip. In our categories “power cables” and “strips” we have this type of adapters.

Features And Design

Its features, its exclusive design, and the output through a pure sine wave, make the Online UPS series one of the options that best fit the computer world. Now all that remains is to take the step: Protect your machine, player!

We are happy to announce that we have recently included in our online store the model in the Online UPS series. Soon we will include a new article in our blog with your review. You can buy it and access all its technical information.

For more information visit our website: www.upsonlinestore.com


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