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Types of pilot jobs in India

sThe job of a pilot is one of the most respectable and lucrative ones in India and abroad. Pilots get to travel the world and also earn high salaries. The airline also provides them with medical and accidental insurance cover in case of any uncertainties. With the rise of recreational flying and frequency in air travel, the requirements of pilots and various types of pilot jobs in India are increasing.  

With new niches, there are various types of pilot jobs and positions available in India; however, only the best and the most qualified ones are able to get hired for these job positions.  

Pilot jobs in India, be it in the private or public aviation sector, are of high responsibility. Only the most skilled ones with the right attitude are suitable for the job.  

To be a pilot in India, one needs a professional pilot license if they are interested in working for any airline. The first step would be to obtain a commercial pilot license in India. 

pilot on runway

Training for the commercial pilot license in India

It is extremely rigorous and expensive. It costs about rupees thirty to forty lakhs to get training for a commercial pilot license in India.  

To get the license, one has to have the necessary educational qualifications, good eyesight, and a balanced cholesterol level to enroll at a flying school.  

After enrolling, one has to finish at least two hundred hours of flying and also crack all the examinations prescribed by DGCA. After the exams and a successful interview, the commercial pilot license in India is offered.  


If you want to work at an airline as a commercial pilot, you must obtain  Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) by undergoing additional training with an airline and completing 1500 hours of flying. 


Those who want to work as a flight instructors, they need also need to be trained to get the Certified Flight Instructor License to instruct student pilots and also start their career as a Certified Flight Instructor. 


Let us look at the different job pilot jobs in India 


Pilot in airforce 

After gaining a commercial pilot license in India and working for a few years as a commercial pilot, one may want to serve their country by joining the Indian Airforce as a pilot.  

Being part of the Indian Airforce is a job with immense responsibility and national pride.  

One has to clear the Combined Defence Services examinations and interviews and the medical examinations. Selected cadets have to undergo a rigorous training before being initiated into the airforce. 

Private pilot 

Many billionaires and global business tycoons have their own private jets through which they prefer traveling.  

 However, it requires immense networking by building connections with first-class flyers from the biggest corporates to gain entry into the sector of flying private jets for a niche clientele.  

Interested candidates also need a private pilot license and training of forty hours to be qualified to fly planes at night and at controlled airports. 


Sports pilot 

Sports pilots only operate in localized areas. They are allowed to fly aircraft at an extremely low altitude. 

After obtaining a CPL in India, becoming a sports pilots is not that rigorous. The candidates require to get a sports pilot’s certifications and have to undergo formal training. The training has fewer restrictions and only mandates the candidate to complete 20 hours of flying. 


Recreational pilots 

Compared to sports pilots, recreational pilots fly heavier aircraft. This is the only difference between the two,  

To become a recreational pilots, one has to undergo training and complete at least thirty hours of flying time.  

Recreational pilots jobs in India are very few as they cannot operate in controlled airports and fly only 50 nautical miles from the airport they depart from.  

pilot flyed on agricultural land
the plane comes on board flying over the field with wheat

Agricultural pilot 

It is one of the niched pilot jobs in India. Such pilots are referred to as crop dusters or AG pilots.  

Their job is to fly over the farmlands and spray pesticides, especially when a locust storm occurs. And as well as ensure the farmland is free of any locust or pest attacks.  

 AG pilots need to have knowledge of agricultural sciences as different crops require different types of pesticide spraying. 

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