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Top ten yoga asanas that will keep you healthy

Regular practice of Yoga asanas is the best way to ward off diseases and keep the body healthy, let us give you information about the top ten Yogasanas.

Yoga is such an activity that completely helps in keeping you fit and healthy. Regular yoga does not cause many diseases and the body remains healthy. Also, it helps you to stay healthy physically and mentally by sitting in balance with nature. Yoga asanas can be easily done at home by following some instructions. Let’s know which yoga asanas you can stay healthy by doing.


By doing this yoga it is good to reduce belly fat, throat diseases, and stomach diseases and to speed up the blood flow. To do Dhanurasana, first, you lie down on your stomach. Mix both and bend the legs from the knees. Take both hands behind and hold both legs by the ankles and while exhaling, stretch the legs. Simultaneously try to move the head backward. Let all the weight (burden) of the body fall on the navel. While inhaling, loosen the grip. Do this action several times.

Yoga-Ujjayi Pranayama

Sit comfortably in Padmasana or Sukhasana. And breathe slowly. Reverse your tongue and apply it to the palate. And keep breathing slowly. Feel as if you are only breathing through your throat. This posture provides benefits for the thyroid, snoring, asthma, and heart diseases.


By doing Uttanpadasana, the stomach is reduced, digestion is fine and all the diseases of the stomach are cured. To do this yoga, lie on the ground on the back and while breathing, lift both legs up in such a way that the knees do not bend. If you feel tired or are not able to stop breathing, then while exhaling, slowly bring both legs down together.


With this asana, your blood circulation remains correct and also maintains your energy level. In this asana, all the parts of the body are exercised simultaneously, hence it is named Sarvangasana. Lie down on the ground on the back and keep both your hands on the side of the body. Slowly raise both legs up. Apply the whole body straight making a right angle from the neck and touch the chin to the chest. Take 10 deep breaths in this position and then come down slowly.

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The Sanskrit word Padma means lotus. Therefore Padmasana is also called Kamalasana. By doing this, all stomach problems, liver diseases, heart diseases, blood disorders, and skin diseases are beneficial. To do this asana, sitting on the ground, keep the heel of the left leg on the right thigh in such a way that the heel comes near the navel. After this, lift the right foot and place it on the left thigh in such a way that both heels meet near the navel. Practice deep breathing while practicing this pose.


Bhujangasana reduces excess body fat and makes your body flexible. Bhujang is called cobra in English and since it looks like a snake with a spreading hood, this asana has been named Bhujangasan. For this, first, lie down on the ground on your stomach. Now with the help of both hands, lift the upper part of the body upwards from the waist, but the elbows should be bent. And the palm should be open and spread on the ground. Now, without moving the rest of the body, turn the face completely upwards, and stay in this position for some time.


By doing this asana, the muscles of the body become strong and the belly fat decreases. To do this asana, sit on the ground on the knees and put the whole part of your body on the heels. Taking a deep breath, lean forward. And your chest should touch the thighs and try to touch the floor with your forehead. And now stay in this position for a few seconds and come back to the normal position.


With this asana, the bones of the spine remain flexible, due to which the body remains active and young. The stomach does not stick out and the body looks curvy. Along with this, there is a lot of benefit from this asana for respiratory diseases. To do Halasana, lie on the ground on your back. Exhale completely and raise both legs together. Leaning towards the sky, bend the back towards the head. hence be careful not to bend your knees. Put the stretched claws of the feet on the ground. Touch the chin to the chest.


The shape of a peacock is formed in this asana. That’s why this asana is called Mayurasana. With the practice of this asana, the blood flows smoothly in the digestive organs, which strengthens the punching system. This asana is very beneficial in the problem of indigestion and loss of appetite. For this, kneel down on the ground and sit. Keep the palms of both hands on the ground in such a way that all the fingers are in the direction of the feet. Now keep both elbows in the stomach near the navel. Lean forward and extend both legs back and lift them off the ground. While exhaling, keep it completely parallel to the ground. And now stay in this position as long as you can.

Supta Vajrasana

Abdominal fat is removed by doing Supta Vajrasana. Legs become strong. Fatigue goes away. Chest develops. The light of the eyes increases. To do this yoga, keep the thighs on the calves by kneeling on the ground and sitting on the heels keeping the toes on the ground, and lying down on the ground behind the back. Keep both hands on the legs. Keep the speed of your breath regular.

Yoga has special importance to stay healthy at every level of body, mind, and soul. And by including the yoga given here in your regular routine, a person can remain completely healthy and disease-free.

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