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Custom WHMCS Modules

Whmcs Modules is a powerful and flexible extension that can be used to add any functionality you want to your whmcs website. You can create an unlimited number of custom modules and add them anywhere on the whmcs website, in any layout you want.

We Develop Custom WHMCS Modules As Well As Themes For All Kinds Of Businesses Within Your Preferred Timeline And Pocket-Friendly Budget. Take A Chance To Get A Better Picture.

We offer a full range of design and development services. As our client, you’ll be in touch with our experienced project management and leadership teams, with updates provided and questions answered at every phase of the project.


Benefits of using Custom Whmcs Modules

  • Users can easily manage all their clients’ websites from one place.
  • With Whmcs Modules, you don’t need to log in to each client’s account separately and look for their information. All the information is organized in a single place where users can access it at any time they need it.
  • You can easily see what kind of hosting plan each client has purchased or what plan they are currently using with just one click of a button!

Here are some of our favorite custom WHMCS modules

1. Reseller Dashboard

2. Reseller Billing

3. Reseller Front Page

4. Dedicated IPs

Create your own modules or modify existing ones

Payment Gateways Modules 

You can add PayPal, Authorize.net, Stripe, and other payment gateways to your website using these modules. These modules allow you to accept payments from customers through any of these payment methods. In addition, they provide security features such as PCI compliance and fraud protection.

Subscription Management Modules

These modules allow users to manage their subscriptions easily and efficiently. They are used by hosting companies who want their customers to pay automatically every month or year without having to do anything manually, like setting up a recurring billing system manually each month or year.

If you want to create a new module for Whmcs, then here are some guidelines for you:

1. Create a folder in the local directory called “modules” and put your new module inside it. The name of this folder should be the same as your module name.

2. Create a separate PHP file with the same name as your module name inside this folder. You have to include the “include_once()” statement at top of it to load all other functions used by this module.

3. Now create another file called “index” inside this same folder and put all code related to configuration options or other things related to this module in this file (You can use one including the statement here as well).

The features included in this module are as follows

Customer information management: The customer information management feature allows you to store all the details of your customers in one place. You can track their payments and invoices, generate reports on their accounts, and much more!

Feature-rich billing system: The billing system has been designed to allow you to create invoices for each customer with ease.

Easy order management: The order management feature allows you to create new orders and view details such as order status and delivery addresses.

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