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Top Places You Should Not Miss To Visit During Sundarban Tour

“Excited about your upcoming Sundarban tour? Let’s read the article to know about the top places to visit in Sundarban”. 

Sundarban – a famous mangrove area of India is spread across India and Bangladesh with its cluster of low lying islands. Measuring about 40,000 km, the delta region claims to be one of the largest mangrove forests in the world. If you are planning for your Sundarban tour and travels, read the article below to know about the best places to visit in Sundarban.

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower

Sudhanyakhali watch tower is the best place to spot tigers during the Sundarban tour. At a time, this watchtower can hold 25 people. The tigers mainly come to this place to enjoy sweet water from the pond beside. Not only tigers, but you can also spot various wild animals in this place during your Sundarban package tour from Kolkata.  Apart from the pond, this place is also endowed with soft grass that attracts deer and other wild animals.

Bhagabatpur Crocodile Sanctuary

Bhagabatpur Crocodile Sanctuary is the only crocodile sanctuary in West Bengal, located at the bank of Saptamukhi Estuary. This crocodile sanctuary is not only a place where a large number of crocodiles you can see during your Sundarban tour, but it is also the home of Batagur Baska tortoise, a dense mangrove forest. The beauty of the vast mangrove area and the confluence of the Saptamukhi riverine system draw millions of tourists to this place.

Burir Dabri Watch Tower

The Burir Dabri camp is special for a watchtower that features a soothing mud walk and a bird’s eye view of the whole Sundarban area. You can visit this place with choosing an affordable Sundarban tour package from a reliable tour operator. The mangrove cage route leads to Raimongal viewpoint. During the mud walk, you can also enjoy other wild animals like snails, crabs etc.

The structure of this mud walk is also alluring and features a wooden bridge that is connected with a mud cafe. From the captivating wooden watchtower of Burir Dabri, you can get a panoramic view of the Bangladesh border that has separated Bangladesh and India.  The watchtower can accommodate up to 10 people at the same time.


Netidhopani is one of the complete tourist destinations that include a picturesque lake and ruins of ancient buildings. This place has an ancient temple that is four times older than the century. This place attracts millions of people to worship. There are so many luxury hotels in this area that can accommodate you once you book Sundarban trip packages from Kolkata.

Halliday Island

Halliday Island is located on the southern side of the Sundarban tiger reserve. The place is famous for having rare barking deer. The place is no less than a paradise for people who love to watch out for various types of birds and their natural habitats.


Kanak is one of the most famous places in Sundarban where you can spot Olive Dudley Turtles during your Sundarban package tour. These turtles travel from the deep of the water and reach shallow coastal water to breed. These tortoises are not seen in Sundarban during the engendering season which starts in December and ends in March.


Once you choose the best Sundarban package tour price, you will experience an exotic wildlife view along with gorgeous nature. If you are a photographer or love to do photography of birds and other wildlife, then this is the ideal place to go for you. So, why are you making delay? Pack your bags and set out for some of the most adventurous moments of your life.

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