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Best Tricks to Migrate Outlook PST to Mozilla Thunderbird

Ecopostings | Throughout this blog, we will discuss how to migrate Outlook to Thunderbird. But, for this you need to read this article, starting to end for more and better information. Here, you will get all the possible solutions to import Outlook PST into Mozilla Thunderbird without losing any information. There are two methods which are manual as well as automated methods they both are easy & simple to complete the task. But, now let us read more about the same in the below post.

As we all know, Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird both are popular email service providers. Users are often seen switching between these platforms depending on their needs. This data transfer usually takes place when users stop using MS Outlook email clients and start using Mozilla Thunderbird. To start with, we will see the causes of the data migration.

After that, we will move towards the different ways to finish this migration process hassle-free. Therefore, today we are going to discuss the cost-effective solution to migrate multiple Outlook to Thunderbird. Let’s begin with its causes step by step:-

What are the Causes of Import Outlook to Thunderbird?

There are several reasons why the user needs to migrate their Outlook data into Mozilla Thunderbird. Some of the main reasons are listed below. Let us take a look:-

Financial Issues: – No matter how attractive features it has, Outlook is, after all a paid email client. And, many users do not want to pay for the email services & they may wish to switch to a free client like Mozilla Thunderbird.

Synchronizing Facility: – If users want to share their Outlook 2013, 2016, and 2019 data with someone who uses Thunderbird, then it is wise to convert the data migration process. Moreover, it also requires data synchronization.

Best for Small Businesses: – The Mozilla Thunderbird doesn’t offer server benefits to store data. But still, the first choice for small-sized businesses because it is available free of cost. Even it has all useful features to manage Calendars, Address books, Emails, etc.

Easy to Use: – There is no doubt that Microsoft Outlook offers some extraordinary features to users compared to Thunderbird. But most users never use, or less use these features. While Mozilla Thunderbird provides a clean interface with crucial features and this is an easy-to-use email client.

So, after knowing the reasons behind it. Let us move towards the automated solution which is very helpful to migrate Outlook to Thunderbird in an easy manner.

Best Solution to Migrate Multiple Outlook PST into Thunderbird

Grab to use Outlook PST Converter Tool for migrating multiple Outlook into Mozilla Thunderbird. This tool is very helpful for any kind of problem it also saves time & provides a 100% guarantee to save the user data. It provides multiple ways to convert PST file formats such as MBOX, EML, MSG, PDF, HTML, vCard, etc. There are no file size restrictions to perform this professional tool.

Moreover, both technical and non-technical users can easily use this tool without installing any other application. It allows users to do multiple migration processes in just a single click. So, we recommended you use this utility to safe & secure data with it.

Now, follow the below working steps to complete the task using the above third-party tool which is hassle-free software.

Working Steps of the Software to Migrate Outlook

In the above section, we learn that an automated tool is the safe & quickest solution. Then, yes use the below steps to make sure for the same:-

1. Download and run the software on your Windows system and click on the Open button to add the PST file.
2. Now, navigate to the location and add the PST file to the PST file conversion software panel
3. After that, choose one export option for the list as per your requirement
4. Select the destination path to save the exported file on your system locally
5. Finally, hit on a save button and the software will start the PST file conversion process.

“This is a complete solution. I hope your all issues are solved after using our automated tool. If yes, then we just you to go with this professional solution which is recommended by experts to make your task easy & completely risk-free tool. Or if you want to migrate Outlook to Thunderbird through the manual method then, you it is easy but creates some difficulties for novice users.”

So, let us move towards the manual method to perform the migration process of Outlook PST as a Mozilla Thunderbird.

Manual Method to Import Outlook PST to Mozilla Thunderbird

In the above section, we learn that the manual method is easy but a little difficult for novice users. Because it consumes lot of user time & efforts to complete their task on time. The manual method can migrate Outlook to Thunderbird one by one which creates multiple difficulties for users and do the same process again & again. So, if you want to perform this task manually. Then, you need to follow the below working steps:-

  • Firstly, click on the start button from the Windows OS >> Default Programs and then hit on Set your default program.
  • Now, select Outlook from the appeared list and click to set this program as the default option. After which, Outlook will become the default email client of the system.
  • Launch Mozilla Thunderbird on the same machine and navigate to Tools >> Import to move emails from Outlook to Thunderbird
  • Click on the next window, select the radio button corresponding to the Mail option, and hit the Next button to proceed further
  • Choose Outlook from the next wizard and click on next followed by clicking the Finish button
  • If the user wishes to export any other components of the MS Outlook application, repeat the same process
  • For instance, choose the Address Book option in place of Mail to migrate Outlook to the Thunderbird profile
  • In the end, you have to open the Default Programs windows again. Now, make Thunderbird your default email in this system.

These are the steps to perform the task manually which is difficult for beginners and novice users. Because as we above said that manual method is an easy method. Now, it’s up to you which one is the best method for you.

Wrap Up

There are many users who want to migrate Outlook to Thunderbird. But, they can’t find the right way for it. So, in the above post, we discussed two methods that help you to import single or multiple Outlook PST files into Mozilla Thunderbird. The manual method has many limitations to performing the task it’s a time-consuming process, can’t migrate multiple files, need technical skills, and many more. On the other hand, our automated tool which is safe & secure also provides a 100% guarantee to complete the task on time without losing any data. And, there is no file size restriction users can easily migrate numerous files at once. Both technical and non-technical users can use this tool without having any technical knowledge. Now, choose as per your requirement which one is better for you.

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