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In web development there are many important and essential features and tools that make it successful, Documentation is one of them. But for the web developer tahta considered it as the most difficult task. But we should know the importance and the need of the documentation in the web development

Why is documentation important?

Documentation plays an important role in web development projects. In order to make sure that code will be easy to understand and follow. Along with that it also provides references that are helpful in future changes and updates.

  • Most of the web development companies called documentation as a life-saver especially when they face troubleshooting issues.
  • Documentation is crucial and vital in web development because it ensures that each and every single detail is mentioned clearly and concisely about the web development project and application. 
  • On the other hand,  without the proper documentation maybe you lose your potential customer because they faced issues while using the website and apps. A good documentation resolves so many issues if the web developers are also very helpful for visitors as well.
  • The web development companies in Lahore i.e planx considered the good documentation is the key of the success.

Types and formats of the Documentation: 

The format you select depends on the type of the documentation. There are three type of documentation:

  • API’s Documentation: 

Application programming inference (API’s) is the set of the instructions of the tools that allow and help the various elements/components of the web development   to communicate. These elements and components could be from other sources like plugins and scripts. 

  • Tutorial Documentation:

The documentation in which web developers show visitors how to use the apps and website. This kind of documentation is called tutorial documentation. It is very helpful if your products and apps are complex. These tutorial documentation may in 

  • Text form 
  • Image with written steps
  • Even in videos

The documentation depends on what you want and how your tutorial looks like. And may be designed according to your project. 

  • FAQ’s Documentation:

The FAQ’s documentation is used for troubleshooting purposes. This kind of issues and problems are commonly faced by the visitor when they use a website, application and tool of web development. It helps to solve these problems without any hassle. 

Whom is the Documentation for?

The web development/ designing companies in Islamabad and Lahore used the documentation for their personal use. They make it as a manual for their web development teams.

  • It helps the clients and visitors to understand how the code works.
  • Most of the web development/designing companies in lahore and islamabad like planx documentation are as simple as possible.

What things should be included in the Documentation?

  • Navigation guide is one that explains and connects each field with different types of the content of the website.
  • Should list the specifications for multimedia and images. That should include the preferred formats, optimization and sizing.
  • Included the call to action button on the website
  • Explain how to manage the pages and  point out the pages that break the rules, also list all the available components for creating each page.
  • List each kind of template available on the website. 

How do you structure the Documentation?

Following are things that should be considered when you structured your documentation:

  • Make it easy and understand documentation because you target the simple person, who doesn’t understand the coding. So when you write the documentation you should keep in mind that non coders as well. Also read the documentation, analyze and ask yourself will be understandable and make sense. 
  • Using graphical elements in the documentation means a lot of sense.  because many people are visual learners so there are many kinds of data and information that is not valuable for some people. 
  • Using the standard of the languages in the documentation. It helps to describe each function, the value that is returned by the function. 
  • Splits into parts and sections of the documentation that help readers to read the specific information as they need as quickly as possible.
  • Update the documentation quickly and consistently as you work out the bugs. Ensure that the documentation reflects that. 

What are the benefits of Documentation?

Following are the benefit of Documentation:

  • Reduced learning curve

The web development company in Islamabad used the documentation. It helps the visit to understand quickly . cannot waste their time to analyze and figure out how to use the website.  And this confusion and irritation of finding out ways to use the website. They will no longer stay and unfortunately, companies lose their potential consumers.  

But on the other hand, With proper and good documentation visitors can understand how to use the website. 

  • Improve brand image

The success of the web development  project based on its visitors and potential customers. But the question over here is how to get the visitors and potential/loyal consumers. here, the web designing companies in lahore need good documentation. Because it is easy to use and simple to set up for everyone who visits your website. 

  • Save time

The documentation not only saves your energy, it also saves your time. There is the proper guideline about the code errors and also mentioned how the codes work.  The web development companies should create the manual not only for themselves. Because this will speed up the project.

  • Easier code maintenance and updates

The web development companies in Islamabad and Lahore should write concise and clear documentation. It helps to find and resolve the issues and errors. You will make changes and updates easily. It is important with the growth of web development /designing projects. 

Examples of good documentation styles?

Let’s take a look on real-world example of best documentation:

  • Apple developers portal:

Most of the web development in lahore and islamabad companies takes the apple developers portal as the best documentation. It is a wealth of information because of their product documentation. The documentation starts from how to create an app to how you can use APIs. Every detail is mentioned in the documentation. 

  • The wordpress codex:

The wordpress codex is also considered one of the perfect documentation by the web development of islamabad. In their documentation they included everything from the start to the end for the beginner and also for the advanced ones.

  • Gid hub’s Guide:

The Gid hubs guide is one of the best examples of comprehensive and easy to follow documentation. In their documentation, they included images, videos and screenshots to ensure you follow along with ease. 


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