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To get relief from stomach problems, practice Pushan Mudra daily

There are many benefits of Pushan Mudra. With this mudra, your digestive system remains correct and the problem of stress is also removed.

India has had a tradition of yoga and mudra over the years. People keep themselves healthy by doing many types of yoga asanas.  Pushan Mudra is a symbolic position, in which the hands and fingers are in different directions. You must have seen such postures while doing paintings or dancing. These mudras benefit our bodies in many ways. By practicing them continuously, you also get energy. And let us tell you that there are three types of air in the body, which are prana, Vyana, and Apana. Pushan mudra provides great benefits in all these three air conditions. This mudra helps a lot in focusing, reducing stress, and enhancing memory. It also strengthens the digestive system.

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Benefits of Pushan Mudra:

1. Eliminate Digestive Problems

The practice of Pushan Mudra provides great relief in flatulence, nausea, and post-meal conditions. With this, the problem of the stomach can also be overcome to a great extent.   And after eating food, you can sit on your feet and keep your hands on the thigh and sit for a while.  It can also provide relief in case of indigestion.

2. Relieve Shortness of Breath

With the help of Pushan Mudra, breathing problems are also relieved to a great extent. And due to this, there is trouble breathing, in case of accumulation of mucus, and can also be in the problem of asthma.  In these troubles, these mudras are beneficial to a great extent.

3. Reduce Stress

The help of Pushan Mudra also helps in reducing stress. And it is also helpful in enhancing memory and focusing. It also leads you to positive thinking.

4. Helpful in High Blood Pressure

Your high blood pressure is also correct by doing Pushan Mudra. It helps in the development of all your organs by correcting the blood circulation of the body.

How to do Pushan Mudra:

Pushan mudra is done with both hands. If seen in comparison to other mudras, the position of both the hands is different in this.  Now we will learn how to do this mudra with the right hand.

  • First of all, sit in a yoga posture and keep both your hands on the thighs.
  • Then press your middle finger and index finger with the thumb.
  • During this, the middle finger or ring finger and little finger of your right hand have to be spread. Keep your palm facing upwards.
  • With the help of this mudra, you get relief from the condition of acid reflux after a large meal.

How to do Pushan Mudra with Left Hand:

  • For this, first, you press the middle finger and ring finger of your left hand with the thumb.
  • During this, your index and pinky fingers will remain open on the outside and at the same time, the palm will remain upwards.
  • And now place the back of your hands on the thighs.
  • Then while inhaling increase the pressure on the thumb with the fingers and while exhaling, reduce the pressure and relax.

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You can practice this mudra in the morning or also after eating food. Instead, this mudra can be practiced in any position.Just like you can do during Vajra Mudra or Anugrah Mudra.  This mudra improves digestion. This mudra can be done for 40 minutes after an interval of five minutes. If you are just starting out, do it comfortably and gradually increase the time of the asanas. Do these mudras in a calm environment and if possible on an empty stomach as this mudra also affects the flow of energy in the body.

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