Tips for Jackfruit Cultivation In India With Advanced Features

General information on Jackfruit Tree

Jackfruit is also called the largest fruit in the world. Its full-grown plant gives yield for many years. Its ripe fruit can also be eaten like a vegetable. But it is used for eating as a vegetable. Therefore it can be called both fruit and vegetable. Jackfruit has a good amount of vitamins and minerals which is good for eyesight and healthy life. There are small bites on the top layer of Jackfruit. The fruits of the jackfruit tree can be obtained twice a year. And productive farming requires an excellent tractor that helps do all farming tasks. Swaraj 963 tractor is best for all agriculture tasks. Also, it comes in an affordable price range. 

The cultivation of Jackfruit is essential for the farmers in terms of income because the farmers get outstanding profits from its cultivation. Therefore, whether raw or cooked, Jackfruit is considered helpful in both ways. Let us tell you that Jackfruit is the national fruit of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, while in some Indian states such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu and more, it has also been given the quality of state fruit. 

General information on Jackfruit Tree

Jackfruit plant is an evergreen 8 to 15 meters high growing, spreading and dense beehive multi-branched tree native to India. The botanical name of Jackfruit or fungus is Oniaris toxic area. Jackfruit leaves are 10 cm to 20 cm long, somewhat broad, slightly oval and slightly blackish-green in colour. Flowers in Jackfruit grow on erect stems and thick branches. Flowers are 5 cm to 15 cm long, 2-5 cm round oval and slightly yellow. Its fruits are round with extensive lengths. It has soft thorns on it. The fruit weighs about 20 kg. Coffee, cardamom, black pepper, yam, turmeric, ginger etc., can be cultivated under a jackfruit tree.

Suitable Climate & Temperature 

Jackfruit can be grown in any soil, but sandy loam soil has been considered suitable for the cultivation of Jackfruit. Apart from this, take special care that the land should not be soggy. The pH value of the land should be around 7 in its cultivation. It can be cultivated successfully in dry and temperate climates if we talk about the environment because it is a tropical crop tree. 

Therefore, both dry and moist climates have been considered suitable for their cultivation. Its plants overgrow in the summer and rainy season, but the frost falling in the cold is harmful to its crop. Along with this, the temperature below 10 degrees is detrimental to the growth of plants. Therefore, if you want to do commercial cultivation of Jackfruit, then use this type of land and climate area only.

Jackfruit Plant Prepared

Jackfruit plants are planted in the form of seeds. Plants grown from seeds take 5 to 6 years. Therefore, if you want to prepare jackfruit seedlings from sources, you must first remove the seeds from the ripe Jackfruit. After removing the seeds, please do not keep them for a long time. If possible, they should be planted in the soil immediately. For the preparation of the field, Powertrac euro 47 tractor model is best. Moreover, farmers are also satisfied with the performance of this tractor. 

After this, transplant the seeds removed from the Jackfruit to a depth of about two inches. Keep watering after transplanting to retain moisture in them. These seeds start growing in about a week. When three to four leaves appear on the plants, they can be transplanted into the prepared field. Two methods are used to make jackfruit plants.

Preparing Seedlings

The right time for transplanting jackfruit seedlings and seeds is from June to September. To prepare the field before transplanting the jackfruit plant, level the land after deep ploughing using a pat. In all these pits, 20 to 25 kg of decomposed cow dung or compost, 250 g single super phosphate, 500 muriate of potash, 1 kg neem cake and 10 g thyme should be filled by mixing it well in the soil. After this, transplant the prepared plant into these pits and press the ground with your finger.

Yield and benefits of Jackfruit

Jackfruit trees start giving yield after three to four years after transplanting. On the other hand, the plant transplanted by seed starts giving fruit after at least 7 to 8 years. The jackfruit tree bears a good amount of fruit for 12 years, after which it reduces the amount of fruit, and as the tree grows old, the number of fruits on the tree starts decreasing. 

About 150 plants can be planted in one hectare of jackfruit field. Due to this, a yield of about 500 to 1000 kg is obtained from one plant in a year. Accordingly, farmers can easily earn about three to four lakh rupees from one year’s yield of Jackfruit.

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