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Successful Lead Generation Strategy

Whatever business an entrepreneur will set up online, he will have to go through lead generation in order to turn them into customers. Obtaining leads can seem simple with the digitalization tools available. But be careful not to fall into the “all-internet” trap of thinking that you can easily reach a lot of prospects. The objective is above all to win qualified leads who will be interested in the products and/or services that you can offer them. You can take the services of Lead Generation Agency in Washington. For this, the lead generation strategy you need to put in place will be successful if you follow the following 5 tips:

1- Offer quality content

The content you offer on your website will not only reflect your showcase but also a guarantee of quality. Take the example of a physical clothing store. If customers enter your shop but the clothes on offer are neither interesting nor regularly renewed, they will immediately want to leave. And yet, you no doubt have other fine wares hidden away in your back room. The same is true for a website. When visitors consult the pages of your site, they will go further and will want to discover more if the editorial content interests them from the start of their visit. The lead generation strategy also involves an effective content strategy.

Quality content is all the most true in the digital world when you know that you only have a few seconds to convince a visitor whether or not to stay on a web page.

Stay at the heart of your market news. By writing articles on a regular basis and by putting yourself on the page of target queries, you will have even more chance of appearing in search engines. This is the SEO strategy which consists of bringing Internet users to your site via quality editorial content. Thus, do not neglect the quality or the timeliness of your content when you set up your lead generation strategy.

2- Learn to give before capturing leads

Once visitors are on your site, your strategy is to obtain data on them so that you can contact them again. The easiest way to capture leads was to simply provide a “sign up here” link. But today, this is no longer the best method for obtaining leads since the latter see this approach above all as a way of being spammed afterwards. The famous “call to action” must be offered via a kind of gift that you offer to your lead so that he consciously leaves his personal data. This is where, among other things, white papers, promotional vouchers or any other kind of elements for download appear. You give and then you take.

3- Get a good lead generation tool

Lead generation tools can be seen as freebies. In the previous tip, we talked about giving before taking. This is where your lead generation strategy comes into play through qualified tools.

Beyond the elements to download (white papers, coupons, etc…), you can also set up advice through Webinars. Masterclasses are in vogue. They allow you to create a lasting relationship with your leads. By registering for a webinar, a tutorial or an exchange with an expert, your lead enters a phase that is intended to be sustainable. The attention span will be much longer in a webinar or during an interview. In addition, you create a link that would have been difficult to do with a simple download.

4- Convert via your landing page

When your lead generation tools have captured qualified people, you then need to direct them to a landing page. This should not just be a thank you page like “Thank you for registering, for downloading our guide, for making an appointment,…”. It must be constructive and be part of a process of conversion.

Capturing leads means above all wanting to obtain prospects who will become customers. A well thought out landing page can already be a form of conversion. It must contain a “call to action” intended to move the lead from prospect status to customer status.

Your landing page will be optimal if it becomes a sales page. Offer your services and products directly there so that the leads buy them and move from the status of lead to customer in your database.

5- Master lead scoring to select qualified leads

Lead scoring could be like an audit of your lead generation strategy. By categorizing your leads by their level of engagement or interests, you can analyze what worked and what produced less results.

If you have used different lead generation tools, decide to eliminate some that would not have been convincing. This phase is essential for marketing and communication directors who will be able to adapt their inboung marketing plan according to the scoring obtained.

This step can make it possible to catch up with leads that would not return to your site without further action on your part. They didn’t finish downloading your white paper? And you notice that appointments with an expert by phone have a high score? Offer them an appointment directly and catch up with them.


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