The benefits of hiring external cleaning services for your company

The benefits of hiring external cleaning services for your company

A much more demanding world

In a world that is increasingly competitive that speed and efficiency are on the rise above everything else, besides rewarding profitability and leaving the best place only to those companies that are efficient in their processes and organization.

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The global COVID-19 crisis that we are currently experiencing exacerbates the need for companies, regardless of their size, to have clean and disinfected workplaces in order to follow health protocols to the letter and not compromise and endanger their workers and customers.

Many companies can not hire the necessary personnel to carry out tasks that do not involve any productivity and choose to hire an external cleaning company that makes their lives easier. 

For this, SCS Group Integrated Services put at your disposal external cleaning services, in addition to many other services for all sectors.

The benefits obtained by contracting external services, whether cleaning or of another nature, are:

Cost reduction

Having a cleaning service for companies saves on staffing costs, allowing each company to focus on the success of its business.

Productivity increase

It has been shown that having clean work spaces favors work productivity by at least 15% while reducing stress levels.


The cleaning services companies for companies are constituted in such a way as to carry out the processes but with reduced water consumption, allowing them to be more respectful of the environment and use less harmful products, and leave a lower carbon footprint.

For this, SCS Group Integrated services put at your service more than 15 years of experience together with more than 1,300 professionals to satisfy your needs, either through cleaning services or other services that our company offers, such as auxiliary organization services, care of gardens and areas green, or industrial maintenance.

Within the cleaning services, there are several options depending on the current needs of the company:

Recurring Cleaning

An important part of developing an efficient cleaning service is planning. That is why we have recurring cleaning processes for each place that guarantee maximum results.

General cleaning

We design a comprehensive cleaning service for specific situations, such as the organization of an event or the completion of remodeling or building construction works. The staff adapts to the circumstances of each client. 

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning and disinfection through safe and efficient processes, your company’s industrial machinery will be in the best hands with SCS Group Integrated Services. 

Sanitary Cleaning

Comprehensive cleaning processes exclusive to the needs of the health sector. Thanks to efficient processes, experience, and cutting-edge technology, at SCS Group Integrated Services we guarantee efficient results in the cleaning and disinfection of hospitals, health centers, and nursing homes.

Food Cleaning

At SCS Group Integrated Services we have specific personnel and products for each type of cleaning. You do not need any type of software, to guarantee optimal solutions.  Also in food production plants where sanitary protocols are more restrictive. Because of the nature of the products. 

Crystal Cleaning

In our company, we are equipped with the best technology for cleaning windows. Whether in offices or in industrial buildings. Allowing us to guarantee efficient and safe processes for our clients and workers.


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